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There are lots of speed bumps along the transformation journey.

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God wants us to be transformed mentally, spiritually and emotionally. In each of these areas you may be experiencing struggles which are preventing you from enjoying the transformed life. Rather than become discouraged and quit, you just need some advice and encouragement to get you over the hurdles.

Would you like to meet with me online to discuss your own personal situation?

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I can help you in these specific areas as well:

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  • How to hear the voice of God
  • Questions about emotional, mental or spiritual health
  • How to overcome worry
  • How to assess your mood
  • How to understand psychiatry and work with a psychiatrist
  • How to know if you need mental health medications and how they work
  • Leadership issues
  • Vision and goal setting

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Grant Mullen

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Kevin in Australia
August 2, 2010
1:56 am

I have suffered from depression for many years. I did take medication about 10 years ago but found some of the side effects difficult to cope with along with feeling like a failure each time a took a pill. It has been sometime since I ceased medication and I have tried to avoid taking any again. In the last 12 months the depression has become quite severe leading to a number of physical problems but I still resisted taking medication. Having attended a seminar with Grant recently he indicated that taking medication was OK. I found his treatment of the subject very sound and challenging so when Grant offered his online coaching service, I decided to contact him for further advice. During our conversation I found Grant’s medical knoweldge, coupled with his knowledge of the healing ministry, very informative and convincing in regards to the benefits of taking medication. It would seem this is the only piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is missing. Although I still have some reservations, I have made an appointment to visit my doctor to discuss medication, something I would have thought inconceiveable beforehand. Being a Christian and taking anti-depressant medication can be difficult but when all of the other options have been exhausted, both spiritually and medically, and the physical symptoms still exist, they need to be treated as would any other illness. I would recommend speaking to Grant personally, he was easy to talk with, encouraging and supportive.

John in New Zealand
August 19, 2010
1:56 am

Dear Kevin. Thanks for sharing. My family has a long history of depression and I’ve lost family members to this disease (suicide). Our inability to accept medication as Christians is a stumbling block to health, and fails to recognise that we live in a fallen broken world. our bodies are actually dying all the time.

If we are in a desert, we must hydrate, whether we are Christians or not, or we will die. If we have bad eyesight because of our ancestor’s failing genes, we wear glasses to improve our outlook and in some cases heal migraines caused by eyestrain. We wear hats and sun block to prevent melanoma (skin cancer). If we believe, yet smoke, we will probably get lung cancer no matter how hard we pray. If we suffer diabetes, we take insulin; asprin thins anyone’s blood in the case of heart disease, Christian or not.

The mature way is to acknowledge the condition we live in, physically. As Paul said to Timothy, “take a little wine with your food to aid your digestion.” There – it’s officially biblical.

John. A pastor who works in Health.

September 1, 2010
2:45 pm

I struggled with depression for many years as well. I would take medication for awhile until things in my life started to improve and then I would go off the medication. I ended up having to be hospitalized with severe depression and suicidal ideation. I know now that could have been prevented if I had stayed on the medication, or had an adjustment to the medication if needed. I went back on medication recently again due to insomnia. It is helping me to relax and get some rest when I need it. I thank God for the medication. Yes, we are part of the fallen race, and therefore we have to accept physical things happening to our bodies as a result of poor diet, neglect, over working etc. If we were strictly spiritual beings, this would not be an issue, but we’re not just spiritual, we’re physical as well. I thank the Lord for good doctors who tune into the needs of their patients. They are given that talent by the Lord himself.

Dr. Grant Mullen
September 1, 2010
3:06 pm

Thanks Lorraine and John for sharing your stories and encouragement. We need more people like you to speak out.

Phil Strong
September 30, 2010
5:00 pm

Dr Grant,

Thanks for your Coaching call via Skype, it’s great to connect with you from the other side of the world… it’s as if we’re sitting on your porch enjoying a cup of coffee. Your wisdom is extremely helpful.

New Zealand

Dr. MaryAnn Diorio
October 20, 2010
5:34 pm

Every coach needs a coach, and I am no exception. So when I needed clarification on some professional decisions I faced, Holy Spirit led me to Dr. Grant Mullen. In only two coaching sessions, Dr. Mullen helped me to clarify the options before me by posing some very insightful and thought-provoking questions that gave me a fresh perspective on my situation and helped me to remove the dross to find the gold.

If you need a fresh perspective regarding a decision, a problem, or a career path, contact Dr. Mullen. As a life coach myself, I can tell you that he is topnotch! 🙂

Debbie in New Zealand
November 10, 2010
8:49 pm

A great relief to find a site like this, and people who have shared the struggle of taking anti-depressant medication as Christians.

I still struggle with a husband who doesn’t believe in medication, but we have seen some remarkable changes in our once-strained relationship and this is slowly breaking down the preconceived ideas.

My difficulty started many years ago, because as a new Christian I had so much hope and joy in being saved, I would tell my doctor – no, I don’t feel depressed, and yet I just couldn’t contain some of the emotional problems that were manifesting. It took six years for us both to finally see past my joy and her to prescribe medication for the chemical imbalance, which was immediately contained.

I have since been able to live through (literally – because suicidal thoughts had been common beforehand) some of the most stressful situations in life and remain faith-filled and confident that God’s plan was being outworked daily. It’s been a real testimony to my non-believing friends – some of whom have become saved themselves.

Dr. Grant Mullen
November 11, 2010
9:43 am

Medications are part of the transformation process if you have a chemical imbalance. The best results come when they are combined (when needed) with getting rid of our emotional baggage and developing a healthy spirit. That’s when real transformation takes place.

Lisa K.
November 11, 2010
10:39 pm

Dr. Mullen is a Christian catalyst. He is a gifted, wonderfully supportive and insightfully honest, encouraging and personable. After speaking with him, I already look forward to the next appointment. Christians need others so that God can release that blessing that is waiting to flow through us. Since speaking with Dr. Mullen, he facilitates the release and confirms what the Holy Spirit is already doing within us so that we too can be a blessing to whom we come in contact with. By living in this interdependent relationship with other believers, especially those anointed and appointed by the Lord, it can be powerful and affirming.

I encourage you to pray about it and have faith, waiting in anticipation of the good that God has in store for you. No matter what you have or have been diagnosed with, God can do a mighty work in your life and you can live victoriously and prosper in all that God sends your way. I highly recommend Dr. Mullen! May God continue to bless him and all those that come in contact with him.

Hilda Ruth
December 9, 2010
5:04 pm

Dear Dr. Mullen,

I want to thank you for a very freeing conversation this morning!

22 years ago I was diagnosed with bipolar, and know well the disruption and mental pain that brings.

Recently, I became visually impaired to the point that I was unable to read even with a magnifing glass. After surgery I was amazed at the clearness of my vision. I said to my Pastor – “If only I could see that clearly spiritually!”

This morning I received spiritual sight!!! As we talked light shone in the areas where I was stuck, and in pain. Your easy and kind manner put me totally at ease. The things we discussed have been bothering me for years and years. I can’t thank you enough for your wise counsel and insight into my illness.

I would recommend you to anyone and everyone who is struggling with thoughts that keep them stuck. Those, who because of their troublesome thoughts, and mental pain, are not able to live the abundant life that Jesus said He would give.

Thank you so very much for being God’s voice of comfort and consolation to me today.

May God reward you richly,
Hilda Ruth

December 9, 2010
7:46 pm

Hi Dr. Mullen:

It has been a HUGE HUGE blessing to me to have found the courage to set up some coaching appointments with you. For the first time in my life I have found a Dr. who is not scary… who LISTENS to me and my heart and who really has some answers that have begun to free me into a newer me. I know still that is it is going to take some time to get past all the lies I have believed . But finally I have a Dr. who really knows what I am talking about with him. so THANK-YOU for offering these appointments they are worth every moment of time taken… It has been so incredibley easy to set them up although I still feel a little camera shy, someday I hope to be past that too. Thank-You for being a Dr. who listens to the heart for getting to the nitty gritty for being so APROACHABLE . These sessions are a blessing.

Dr. Grant Mullen
December 9, 2010
8:05 pm

You’re welcome. Thanks for your very kind words. It’s been a pleasure working with all of you and to see what God is doing in your lives.

Patti in Clinton
January 17, 2011
10:03 pm

Dr. Mullen I really was at the end of my rope until my conversation with you gave me hope that things could turn around for me as you said with a little tweaking.
God is really using you to help people and help Christians and the church to have a better understanding of emotional problems.
May God richly bless you in this vital service you provide.
Looking forward to feeling well again!

Dr. Grant Mullen
January 18, 2011
11:15 am

You’re welcome Patti. It’s amazing what God can do in one phone call.

March 12, 2011
9:06 pm

I am so thankful for the coaching that I have received over the past two months, as I have dialogued with Dr. Mullen. Breaking free of lies and emotional baggage that have kept me from moving forward as I desired in my Christian walk has been really exciting. He coaches with the gentleness of the Spirit of God, and suggests practical steps to help you move forward. I am particularly thankful that some persistant blocks have been removed through the Lord’s help and with the assistance of Dr. Mullen.

For those who hesitate to engage in coaching, I would say please don’t hesitate to engage, because transformation with the Lord’s help and Dr. Mullen’s direction is a great blessing to yourself, and to others around you.

Thank you, Dr. Mullen!!

Dr. Grant Mullen
March 13, 2011
2:10 pm

Glad you found it helpful.
Coaching gives God an opportunity to speak into your life through another person.
It can really accelerate the transformation journey.
It’s an honour for me to be allowed into your life.

Jess, New Zealand
April 4, 2011
4:00 pm

Thank you so much for today; I felt more relaxed than I have in a long time after I talked with you.

Lucy in Niagara Falls, Ontario
May 3, 2011
5:41 pm

I am a Christian who felt I was weak when it came to taking medication for depression. I have suffered with bipolar for 50 years. The last 15 years have been the best years of my life. They began after hearing Dr. Mullen speak on depression at the Americana in Niagara Falls. Took me one year to get the courage to ask for a referral from my primary doctor. Also took me another year once I began seeing Dr. Mullen to stop the tranquilizers my primary had prescribed and began the meds suggested by Dr. Mullen. I thank God every day for Dr. Mullen’s care and have referred my friends to him. I now speak about the depression with others suffering with it, and have found that not keeping it a deep dark secret has also been part of my recovery. God bless you Dr. Mullen.

Dr. Grant Mullen
May 3, 2011
6:11 pm

Thanks Lucy for your very kind words. I’m delighted that you’ve been doing so well.

Maggie Etapp
July 6, 2011
9:53 am

Maggie Etapp
The comments were encouraging as I read each one. I do have joy in my heart. I have been blessed with six grandchildren, four boys and two girls. The girls have been a blessing to me as I watch them grow. I take care of them sometimes. Being a gramma this is a blessing to my heart. This brings joy to my heart each morning when I get up I read I pray and pray for each one of them. I read my devotions and this gives me encouragement and strength as I read God’s Word. He speaks to me through his holy spirit. He is still teaching me as I read and I pray. This is the spiritual strength that I have. The joy of the Lord is my strength. His Word says so and his promises are true. Amen.
May God Bless You and Kathy in your ministry.

July 11, 2011
4:57 pm

Dr Grant’s coaching is invaluable, it helped me to to understand that I am not what happened to me, but that I that my identity is what Jesus says. Dr Grant prayed and broke things that had been causing me shame and guilt, I feel more whole, a lot of the pain of my childhood has gone. I am certainly glad I went to Dr Grant, it was a great investment.
Charlotte, London

August 1, 2011
8:25 pm

all i can say is keep up with what your doing for people that are seeking for answers in this troubling hard life.i love reading my e mail from you and i share it with friends. thank you

Toni Schrank
September 20, 2011
12:26 pm

To all of you thinking of Coaching with Dr Grant,

DO NOT hesitate to begin coaching with Dr Grant, you will find great CLARITY,
INSIGHT and GOD’S perspective. We are so blessed to make sense of issues from our marriage, my anxiety/depression, our children and finally to our careers- each that are struggles that we have had for years. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and what the Lord and I can do to overcome the obstacles in my life. I am more than encouraged now that I understand the issues along with my husband, I understand the help of medication, and we can encourage each other to become the blessing of the person that Christ desired to develop in me. In order to be a blessing others in those areas. If you like, you may call us personally to discuss the benefit of His INVALUABLE coaching.
Best, Toni Fort Wayne

Dr. Grant Mullen
September 20, 2011
2:08 pm

Thanks Toni. I’m glad you found our sessions so valuable.

tom conrad
September 23, 2011
1:22 am

your book Emotionally Free has been a massive help to me. the three fold approach of medical, spiritual and emotional totally described what was going on with me.( i had problems in each of those areas ). especially important was seeing how the physical and spiritual fit together. a physically weak brain is a huge easy target for the enemy; but when properly treated, that person can fend off the attacks of the enemy.
i’ve given copies to several people when they started sharing that certain things were going on in their life and also encouraged them to talk to a doctor to b sure there is not a medical issue present.
since i’ve lived through this, sometimes i can help with the spiritual side of things by pointing then to the spiritual section of the book so they can see that a weak brain ( not mind ) is a great target for the enemy ;thereby reinforcing the need to take care of the physical side ( medical )
Also, there’s a prayer in the psalms( psalm 25:1-5 ) that the LORD has been using in the spiritual warfare that can go along with depression. I prayed it relentlessly when battling the enemy and the LORD always provided the victory !!!!!!!! i’ve seen the same results with others who call on the LORD in this manner.
thanks again for your work in helping those of us with depression in the church of Jesus Christ. it came late for me ( but better late than never ) and now i want to pass it along to others so they don’t have to go through the same hell i did.
thanks again.
tom conrad
ps my local bookstore says the book is going out of print. true or false ? will it at least be available through this web site ? i”m getting low on copies and one of my elders wants some copies. he’s found it most helpful in being made aware of what goes on with some of us.

Dr. Grant Mullen
September 23, 2011
7:43 am

Thanks Tom. I’m glad to hear you find the book so helpful. No it’s not out of print but it’s only available from my web site here:
Keep sharing the message of personal freedom!

Leanne Fry
October 19, 2011
12:40 pm

Thanks to attending one of Dr Grant Mullen’s seminars I had the courage to see my doctor regarding depression. At the time of seeing my doctor 2 years ago I had suggested the possibility of being bi-polar as I had noticed some mood swings and from Dr Grant’s seminar knew how often it wasn’t diagnosed and the effect it had on treatment but was told I was definitely not. After 2 years of struggling with medications and depression and trusting that the doctor knew more than me regarding my treatment, I was filled with hope to discover that Dr Grant Mullen does one on one coaching sessions. In just a 30 minute coaching session he was able to ask me questions the answers of which indicated I had mild bi-polar. He explained a bit about mild bi-polar, encouraged me to seek out a local psychiatrist and explained a bit about what to expect when it came to treatment. He also prayed for me which was tremendously encouraging. In between speaking to Dr Mullen and seeing a psychiatrist I was able to speak to family and friends getting them to read the chapter on bi-polar and do the check list in Dr Grant’s book Moods, and see if anything sounded like me. This was helpful when seeing the psychiatrist and being able to get the correct diagnosis which was indeed as Dr Grant Mullen suggested, mild bi-polar. I am about to start the new medication soon and am hopeful that this time I’ll be able to get significant improvements in my mental health. Thank you so much Dr Mullen for all you do, your books, seminars, webinars and coaching sessions. God has used you in so many ways to help me and many others find good mental health. May God continue to use you and richly bless you and your family.

Dr. Grant Mullen
October 19, 2011
8:12 pm

Thanks Leanne for those kind words. Glad the 30 minutes paid off.

October 22, 2011
6:39 pm

Dear Dr. Mullen

I would like to inquire about inner healing. I would like to inquire if that is an
area that you give counselling on? Would you coach someone online, or is it
better to have someone there in person who would pray with them?

Dr. Grant Mullen
October 22, 2011
11:47 pm

Hi Shari. Yes I do help people with inner healing issues. Most of my book Emotionally Free and my DVDs deal with inner healing. I think it is best though if you have someone you can see in person to pray you through the issues. I’m happy to speak with you though if you would like.

November 2, 2011
8:10 pm

DEAR Dr. Mullen

I just want to sincerely Thank You for the 8 sessions in Personal Coaching.
As you know I was diagnosed 21 years ago with Bipolar Disorder, and never had any counselling, other then my Psychiatrist adjusting my medication.

When I attended your conference at Catch the Fire Church, I could not believe how knowledgeable you were. You, not only understand Bipolar Illness but also the impact of all the negative baggage we carry around, from spiritual strongholds.

I knew I wanted to be counselled by you not just because of your knowledge, but also because of your powerful Christian faith.
You helped me get off two over the counter medications,  that were clouding my thought process. You helped me give all my anxious thoughts to the Lord. You helped me break several strongholds by the simple process of forgiving the person who hurt me, and then the hardest part, forgiving myself for any involvement I may have brought to the situation.

You also told me something very powerful, that I do not have to suffer from depression, every winter, as long as I am on the proper medication.
For 21 years I have suffered from severe depression every winter. Even though I use a light box every morning for 20 minutes, and go on 2 vacations down south in the winter.

I have memories of some vacations in Mexico only going out of my hotel room long enough to eat, paying little attention to the beautiful white sandy beach.

But this year I am looking forward to a winter depression free.
Thanks Dr. Mullen for your help, I feel stronger. And my Psychiatrist is now decreasing my anxiety medication. Very soon my cognitive skills will be even better.

Dr. Grant Mullen
November 2, 2011
9:12 pm

You’re welcome. It was a pleasure to see you gain such freedom. May God continue to bless your transformation journey.

December 17, 2011
6:18 pm

Hi Grant
Thank you for the 4 sessions of coaching I have had with you. I believe they have been truly life-changing! Combining the coaching sessions with being able to listen to your teachings has been an incredibly powerful experience and although I have tried other techniques over the years to address the residual issues of abuse I had, nothing has had such an efficient or profoundly transformational impact as the work I have done with you. As a result of working with you I have found that the way I ‘feel’ about the things that happen in my life has changed and therefore my response to those things has changed. I am more in control of that process and less reactive to things that i would previously have experienced as catastrophic. I am looking forward to further development over the next few sessions. God is doing amazing work through you!

Dr. Grant Mullen
December 18, 2011
2:14 pm

Thanks Michelle. I’m glad the innovative idea of watching a video then discussing it’s application to you in a coaching appointment has worked out so well for you. You are making incredible progress!

lakhi and giovanna dadlani miami florida
December 28, 2011
9:40 pm

Dear Doctor Mullen
We just want to take the time to thank you for your time, your kindness and your ministry ( coaching)
We have been on a healing journey since the year 2000, healing of a lot of brokeness, pain,wounds, traumas, etc…
We have gone to conferences , watch videos , seen councellors and all this has been good and i guess part of our healing.
In the last one year we came in touch with your ministry , we got some of your materials and we get your weekly newsletter, which many times, it ministers to us and is very helpful to our healing and walk.
But inspite of all this , there are issues that seem to be so rooted that nothing we do seems to clear them. So we decided to make appointments with you on the phone, you in Toronto and we in Miami Florida
We have done a few appointments and we cannot express how helpful it has been .
This morning my husband said to me: “This past few weeks have been one of the most liberating weeks of my whole life.”
i think this says it all.
Again thank you for your ministry , how the love and anointing of The Father, Son and Holy Spirit flows out of it
We cannot thank you enough and encourage you to carry on and also encourage anyone out there to take the chance to make that phone call, it works. You have nothing to lose, but only to gain.
Many Blessings with lots of Gratitude to Our Father
Giovanna and Lakhi
(Married 23 years )

Dr. Grant Mullen
December 28, 2011
9:56 pm

Thanks Lakhi and Giovanna. I’m glad our sessions were so helpful. May God continue to bless your healing journey.

January 4, 2012
8:48 am

I have been severely depressed since 2008. Before that I was experiencing more of the Bi-polar aspect. I feel like I cannot even feel God, I feel so alone, I am scared just to talk to people. I am on medication, but it doesn’t seem to work. I feel so alone, because I can’t feel my spirit, I was always close to God. But now even though I pray I don’t get releif. I am really scared. I can’t even work, my husband is gone all day. My dog even senses my upsetness. PLease Help Me!

Dr. Grant Mullen
January 4, 2012
11:40 am

Karla, I’m sorry to hear how you’re feeling. I’d be happy to speak with you about it. Depression does make God seem so far away. I did a video about that which you can see here:

January 20, 2012
5:26 pm

To Dr. Grant Mullen and Whoever else reads this:
As I am about to write about my experience with mental illness and the help I got I hope that people would be encouraged and know that there is hope, I know, because I found it.
I started suffering from extreme depression in 2007 and then some time later I was diagnosed with a mild form of bipolar. I went to look for help wherever I possibly could, psychiatrists, various counsellors, church, etc. Many times all I would think about was death as the only way out but deep inside of me I didn’t really want to die. I started taking meds that improved my moods quite a bit for awhile. I had to try different types of meds to see which ones worked best. Even though I was taking meds I was just getting by living my day to day in ‘survival mode’. But I kept on searching to find more help because I wasn’t yet satisfied with the way things were. I refused to be a victim of this illness.
Finally, I got so fed up with the meds I was on. I was done with living in ‘survival mode’. So I stopped my meds completely. After that my mood did get worse again and out of control. So I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Grant Mullen. I had one coaching session with him and I started taking the meds he suggested to me. It took a few weeks for the meds to really kick in and start working.
I am doing incredibly well now in every single aspect of life. I haven’t felt this happy in a very, very long time. I have found hope. I am able to feel close to God again. I am able to dream big things for my future again. My relationships are improving and I’m able to start working again. I only had one session with Dr. Grant Mullen and it has literally been life changing.
I also have to give credit to all the prayers that were prayed for me and to God who has been incredibly patient with me through all this. God has been so good to me.
Without a sound mind it is impossible to thrive in this life.
Thank you Dr. Grant Mullen for the work that you do. Thank you.

Dr. Grant Mullen
January 20, 2012
5:33 pm

You’re welcome Nancy.
I’m glad you found that one session so helpful.
Thanks for encouraging others not to stay defeated in depression.

February 17, 2012
12:20 pm

How does one renew their mind if they have a mental illness?

Dr. Grant Mullen
February 17, 2012
1:08 pm

Good question Dean. The first step is to get the illness treated so you can regain thought control. Then you need counselling to help you choose healthier thinking patterns. You can always discuss this with me at a coaching appointment. Just click on the links above.

June 19, 2012
7:59 pm

I would like to meet iwth you. I need to know how to clear my cluttering thioughts. My brain feels very foggy and i can’t think clearly. I feel like am lacking something or that something needs to clear. I think I have an imbalance somewhere, but I don’t know. I can feel that my mind is missing something and I need to take some vitamin or some nutrient to clear the fog. Can you help me. Thanks

Dr. Grant Mullen
June 19, 2012
8:24 pm

Hi Faye. I’d be happy to help you. Just click on the Contact Us button at the top of this page and send me an email so we can arrange to meet by phone or Skype. Looking forward to speaking with you.

Cindy L
July 3, 2012
10:33 am

I had scheduled a phone session with Grant about 4 weeks ago. Little did I know that it was a ‘divine appointment”. The morning of my session (that I had nearly forgotten about) I was abruptly told I was moving to a new department at work, after working for an ogre boss for 14 years, without any mention of promotion, acknowledgement of my service or anything. I had left the office, intending to quit on the spot. Grant called, and instantly understood my situation, and gave me very godly and anointed counsel. He helped me reframe my immediate situation, and allowed me to go back to the “big boss” and be completely open and frank about my anger and disappointment. I have never been able to be that open and take up for myself before. Grant and his counsel, and prayer, helped me turn a very difficult and important situation around, and make it a totally different and productive experience. I will even get my promotion and going-away party! thanks, Grant! I intend to continue our sessions, throughout this important transition period of my life. The Holy Spirit was right in the middle of our session, and it was apparent to me by the peace in my heart, and the results.

July 9, 2012
8:42 pm

Hi Dr. Mullen. I heard you on the Drew Marshall Show, and was thoroughly impressed. I have had panic attacks and constant anxiety/fear for 8 months now. I think I am about to die any second for long periods of time. I am tired, and it is definitely affecting every aspect of my life, spiritually, personally, and relationally. I am 28 and healthy, but can’t seem to shake the panic attacks.

I have tried often to decipher the reason for this terrible feeling, but can’t seem to figure it out. Any advice would be helpful.

Dr. Grant Mullen
July 10, 2012
8:01 pm

Jordan, you need to check yourself out for anxiety disorder.
To do that, look at the list of buttons on the right side of this page and click on Am I Normal? It will take you to self assessment checklists where you can compare yourself to the symptoms listed.
I have lots more information on Christian mental health on this page:
You can also meet with me for a coaching appointment and I’ll help you sort it out.
Let me know.

Pat Brown
September 14, 2012
4:15 pm

Dr. Grant is able to help me unlike anyone else can, as I live with panic attacks, anxiety and depression. Medical diagnosis was crucial for what medication I should take, but there was no medical followup in my personal experience. I was told to take medcation, that life is like a roller coaster and I should just enjoy it.

Life was far from enjoyable. Then from Dr. Grant I learned that mood disorders have three components: body, soul, spirit. Dr. Grant encouraged me that I would be able to hear God more clearly if my brain chemicals were properly balanced. I wanted everything balanced so I reached out to him and enjoyed my first telephone appointment. Dr. Grant’s medical training, success treating people with mood disorders and his accurate, detailed understanding of how it feels to suffer with a mood disorder, convinced me and I was eager for my first appointment. At the first appointment Dr. Grant made some valuable suggestions of medication changes that I discussed with my doctor.

At the second appointment, Dr. Grant took me through a meeting with Jesus. The Lord revealed to me several contributing factors (in utero and in toddlerhood and in childhood) that led to a stronghold of fear of premature death take root in me. As I was willing to repent, forgive (myself and others) Jesus took away the stronghold and in exchange Jesus gave me peace and freedom in this area. As a result, despair and grief no longer rule my heart. After a week I sensed a real separation from these strongholds. Now I am no longer emotionally triggered by them and I am learning to grow my thoughts around HOPE and JOY instead. There is a noticeable difference in me. My small support group noticed an improvement in my eyes and countenance.

At my third appointment with Dr. Grant, I had thought control, uncluttered thoughts and the power to diffuse the enemy’s negative attacks on my mind, in Jesus’ name

Dr. Grant Mullen
September 14, 2012
5:02 pm

Thanks Pat. You’ve made incredible progress by addressing body, personality and spirit issues.

September 20, 2012
3:52 pm

I’ve tried many books and counselling to cope with my anxiety and depression. They all had impacted me and brought some relief at that time and I learnt a lot of truth through all the resources/conference/prayers. However, I still struggle here and there and this whole process really makes me to feel like giving up. Whenever I am depressed again, I’m back to square one. Whenever I hear other’s testimony about healing, I wonder if they go through similar process of struggles or is it just me? Am I missing some piece or lacking faith?

Dr. Grant Mullen
September 20, 2012
4:08 pm

Don’t give up! There is so much we can do for depression. We can discuss it at a coaching appointment. Just email me.

Josephine Harrison-Cobby
October 10, 2012
2:52 am

I had two coaching sessions with Dr Grant recently, and I cannot recommend him enough! I have had counselling in the past, but I have never felt empowered and encouraged like i did after sessions with Dr Grant.

As I’m sure many can identify with, I have had a lot of difficulty with relationship dynamics in my family, and Dr Grant really helped give me fresh perspective and direction on how to deal with difficult family members, especially as mental health issues were a contributing factor.

I believe Dr Grant is addressing a critical need for Godly counsel where physical, emotional, and spiritual issues all cross over each other. This is the first time in my life I have felt this emotionally free, and I thank you Dr Grant for helping me, you are doing such a great job! God Bless You 🙂

Dr. Grant Mullen
October 10, 2012
2:10 pm

Thanks Josephine. I’m delighted that the sessions were so helpful. We need to get the word out that God wants us to be emotionally free!

Steve from Chilliwack, B.C.
December 23, 2012
5:26 pm

My name is Steve – I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ. I am also a 44 year old married man who has been struggling with a few very painful, major mood disorders, fibromialga, chronic fatigue syndrome and a couple of destructive addictions for most of my life. The unipolar depression and my anxiety levels have been the result of a chemical imbalance that has remained untreated for all of my youth and most of my adult life – It has also been a chronic condition that is both spiritual & situational in nature. This past summer (2012) I was treated for two weeks in our local hospital for a very unexpected psychosis that resulted in my mind becoming too overwhelmed by the medical, spiritual and situational symptoms of my chronic conditions. During this process, I was also diagnosed with PTSD due to my traumatic childhood sexual abuse, neglect and years of childhood bullying that had remained un-treated, in spite of my experience and training.

I am a trained mental health counselor, personal coach and support group ministry trainer/host & facilitator. During the teaching segment of the weekly support group sessions, I have used the various Dr. & Kathy Mullen DVD teachings as the main group resource & training tools to help & to equip the group participants, leaders & guests regarding their various issues and conditions. Before I was hospitalized, we (the group) had just completed his series – 10 Steps to the New You. Many group members and guests have been blessed, comforted, challenged and have experienced healing as a result of watching the various DVD`s and by praying the healing prayers.

Since my incredible journey through healing and recovery started before my hospitalization, my wife & I have been joining Dr. Grant Mullen on a series of telephone coaching sessions. I would like to praise the Lord for the blessing and healing that we have already received as a direct result of God using Dr. Mullen as a tool in my life and our marriage. The Lord spoke to me during the DVD session on Moods – It was his teaching that made me (us) aware that it was okay to a seek medical attention for our mood disorders and low serotonin levels. The coaching sessions are dealing with spiritual warfare issues and emotional baggage.

I must say that I was miraculously healed during the last two coaching sessions. I have suffered with chronic migraines for years and I have not had one in over two months! During one of our prayer times I heard a “popping” sound and the brain clutter and pain just stopped and he walked me through a journey of healing and forgiveness towards my abusers and bullies. I can hardly wait to see whats going to happen next. Oh ya – The life-long addiction to pornography that has plagued me has also been removed…. Praise the Lord!!

I would most highly recommend the coaching sessions to anyone and I look forward to previewing and using the new Anger DVD for the next a session of the support group ministry.

Dr. Grant Mullen
December 23, 2012
5:48 pm

Thanks Steve. That’s amazing that you had a physical healing and deliverance from addiction all from praying through one memory. Incredible what can happen when we unload emotional baggage!

February 1, 2013
5:35 pm

I always thought I was as thick as a brick (so to speak) when it came to hearing God’s voice. It just wasn’t going to happen. As a result, I was quite surprised when Dr. Mullen laid out a rather simple and straight forward process for discerning God’s voice among the clutter of other thoughts rattling around in our head (see his video blog on the subject on this web site).

I was further taken aback when Dr. Mullen facilitated (unexpectedly and with no prep work, fasting or training on my part) me hearing God speak into my life concerning some specific circumstances I was going through.

If Dr. Mullen can help me hear God’s voice, he can help any believer hear from God.

May 21, 2013
11:43 pm

So a few months ago I was looking at Grant Mullen’s website and I saw “Feeling Stuck?”… I had thought about getting some life coaching with Grant in the past but always had an excuse. However, this time seeing “Feeling Stuck” resonated with me. I realized that I was finished with living as I was. I knew there had to be better. God was leading me to this to set me free. During my first session with Grant he said I had baggage that he wanted to help me unload. Well, I had to agree with that. I was very aware of the emotional baggage I was carrying but just didn’t know how to get rid of it. I had some well meaning people pray with me but it just wasn’t what I needed. I truly believe that although God can use anyone, Grant has a gift in helping people unpack their baggage. I couldn’t seem to make any decent progress in becoming free from some life events until seeing Grant. I have a friend who isn’t a Christian who has said that since having the sessions with Grant I appear more calm and at peace… it’s because I am. I have lost weight and have more of an excitement for my future. I didn’t realize that due to my emotional baggage many of my dreams became dormant. For the most part I was trying to make it through the day. But it’s changing now. I no longer believe that God has given up on me. I’m believing that God’s future for me is filled with hope and beautiful things. I’m so glad I did this!

Noreen Benstead
June 17, 2013
4:09 pm

I was gloriously set free and healed in the 1980s … it lasted for 3 yrs. But I see now that the enemy of my soul hated that and finally found a way to get at me again. It was such a slow process I didn’t know what was happening, but I have been a mess ever since! I have been in pain for yrs and deformed from arthritis, depressed and on medication for several yrs. now. The medication lifted me out of deep depression, but I still struggle with negative thots, lack of concentration, etc. etc. I’m almost ready to quit trying to get better (I don’t stick with anything), but the memory of the joy and peace I once had still gives me some hope. The Lord healed me completely before (even my crooked toes went straight!) and I KNOW He can do it again, but you’re the first person I’ve found who understands about deliverance and how a broken spirit can affect the body. Thank you.

Dr. Grant Mullen
June 17, 2013
4:36 pm

Yes Noreen. God can do it again! I’d be happy to work with you and walk you through the healing journey. Just email me.

Pastor Joe Coreno
September 11, 2013
9:49 am

You blog says that you are available for “counsellors, therapists and pastors”. As a pastor to the Deaf I work with Deaf individuals and limited in my counselling ability, I am “hearing” and wonder if I am able to chat with you via Skype to discuss my client’s situation and seek your advice on how to proceed with this Deaf individual.

Dr. Grant Mullen
September 11, 2013
11:18 am

Sure, I’d be happy to speak with you.

March 10, 2014
4:32 am

Dr Grant , I was feeling stuck until I heard the Holy Spirit gave me a answer , It would be a privilege to meet with you sir and hear your voice , I think a lot of my friends get a blessing listening to your weakly e mails Thanks


Joanasie Koperqualuk
April 14, 2015
11:12 am

Dr, Grant,
I’m very happy that you came to do a seminar in Inukjuak. You presentations were excellent and afterwards you had us stand and prayed for us. Another good thing is that I no longer carry around a big baggage of problem. I believe now carry Jesus’ burden which He promised to be light and I can assure you that it is definitely not burdensome. I’m still searching what God’s Will is for me. I also seem to be stuck with reciting the Lord’s Prayer, However I pray for friends and other Christians. When I pray I first thank our Jesus Christ then I request for God’s Blessings for the people I pray for. When I mentioned that I was stuck I meant that it is still a mystery of how I ought to pray in order to remain fit spiritually and I want to follow Jesus Christ and lead other people to Christ as I have seen that He’s the only one to follow. Thanks for your time.


Joanasie Koperqualuk

July 21, 2015
8:28 am

Step out in faith and trust Abba Father to meet you wherever you are. By the life of His Spirit the Lord can draw you up and out of any place you may feel stuck or imprisoned. Consider allowing Christ to free you from any snares that trip you up. Consider that Christ has a much freer and joyous life awaiting you. Christ can minister to you through the prayer and the anointed pursuit of truth with His servant Grant Mullen. Awaken your life to the reality of God’s love and plans for your future. Become free of joy stealing fears and patterns of peace stealing behaviors. Allow God to work through Grant Mullen and with you to find all the fullness Abba Father has intended for you to live in and enjoy. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Allow God to help you become all He has intended for you. Become the fruitful tree in His garden, giving fruit in due season, you were always meant to be.

September 1, 2015
3:58 pm

Dear Dr Grant Mullen

> Just thought I’d say hello and let you know how my life has changed as a result of your support over the last few years.

> You sent me the depression prayer last Christmas as I was suffering deeply from depression and I was also diagnosed as bi-polar 8 yrs ago. I was taking a combination of medications that kept me from living a so called normal life. I was basically lying in bed for many years just waiting to expire. I ended up using marijuana to cope with the anxiety which seemed to help more than the cocktail of medications I was taking. I quit all the medications at New years but kept smoking the marijuana. When I received the depression prayer from you at Christmas something amazing happened. I had been identifying myself by my illness and just basically thought my life was over and I was doomed, until I read that prayer. When I stopped talking all those meds I became violently ill for 2 months. I kept a pail at my bedside because I was vommitting daily for 2 months. On March 17th I decided to quit smoking marijuana and a few days later I attempted suicide. I ended up at the Hospital Psych ward.

> I’ve been clean and sober since March 17th. I’ve been attending AA meetings everyday as I use to be a member many years ago. I have a home group in Oakville and I have a great sponsor. 

> It gets even better. I’ve been attending church for the last 5 weeks. My wife and I now go to the Church on the Queensway. I just met up with a Pastor Ed and was anointed last week. My mother attended church with us today. She’s 72 yrs old and she drove all the way from St Catherine’s. I haven’t been to church in over 50 yrs and find something magical happening when I attend. My church friend who suggested this church to me is a long standing member of AA. I spoke to him about what’s been happening when I attend church. He says, oh I can help you with what your experiencing. I asked and he said, “its the Holly Spirit coming into your body”. I’m so amazed with what happening in my life. I just started a new job as I was unemployable for the last 8 yrs. I’m finally getting the respect from my 2 teenage boys and my beautiful wife of 36 yrs.

> It all started by you and your unconditional love and support. TodayI’m trying my best to live a transformed life. God is and has been the main focus of my recovery and as a result I’m coming alive again.

> Its just a result of your understanding and that prayer you sent me. I truly believe in the power of prayer and have come to rely on it throughout my day or night. My 911 prayers have changed to 411 prayers. I’m totally new to understanding Jesus and I’m looking forward to developing a truly loving relationship with him and our creator.

> Your truly a blessing and I cannot and never will forget where I was 8 months ago. 

> I will be celebrating 6 months of sobriety on the 17th of September. One day at a time.

> My faith and belief in God is the most important part of my life. 

> God first
> AA second.
> Family 3rd.

> God bless you and your family.

> Sincerely, 

> Bob.W
Mississauga, Ont

October 23, 2015
3:38 pm

I completely endorse the approach that Grant takes with helping couples in their marriage. Working through my own hurts through prayer ministry, has enabled me to see my husband in a completely new way, and it has allowed me to become the person God has intended me to be. It was not easy for me to open up and be honest with myself and to say it all out loud, But I trust Grant and with his help I have learned to listen for God’s truth.

Tim Jenkins
January 5, 2016
11:30 am

I first met Dr. Grant Mullen in the summer of 2014 by reading his book, Emotionally Free. I found myself in a situation that, despite my best efforts, I could not easily change and it was causing me incredible stress. I read Grant’s book over a long weekend and learned a great deal about worry, spiritual attack and most importantly that I am a dearly loved child of God and not just a servant of God. I have subsequently had regular skype meetings with Grant where he has helped me recognize many of the lies I was living under and replace them with Biblical truth. My perspective of my reality has changed immensely as has my intimacy with my Heavenly Father. Grant was used by God to help me make significant spiritual progress.

As a man, I know it is very difficult to reach out for help (even more so when you are a hard driving A type personality). We think we can solve the issues ourselves. I am so glad my pain was bad enough to overcome my reluctance to seek help. Not only did I get relief from a ridiculous stress level, I found many life changing truths that allowed me to move into a whole new spiritual realm. I’ve referred many people to Grant and will continue to do so.

Mike and Sharon
March 3, 2016
8:35 pm

Just this past November my husband and I were looking for a couples councel team that we could do a one week intensive counceling sessions on our marriage. That is how we found the Mullens…not only are they a couple that work together so well, they moveed things around to make the week happen in December.

We have been married 26 years and have found over the years that every two to three years it is good to do a “tune up” or invest in our marriage so that it will get even better.

It was an intensive and very tiring week as we plowed through all kinds of different areas both emotionally, physcially and spiritually but the fruit we have seen since that time has been amazing!

I encourge you…. if you are in need of a help for your marriage these two are the best out there….it is so hard to find such a balanced and loving married couple who have a such a special gift of healing and decernment needed to get the job done.
Thank you again Grant and Kathy
May the Lord continue to use you both powerfully in these times where marrigaes and family are under such attack.

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March 4, 2016
10:19 am

It’s good to see someone thinking it through.

Maria Silvestrone
March 11, 2016
1:12 am

Dr. Grant and Kathy: Thank you for your Marriage Unlimited Seminar in Niagara Falls Feb. 2016.

My husband, Mario and I have been married 47 years and always lived in Niagara Falls. We needed a staycation and felt it safe to start not too far from home.

We have been primary caregivers for Mario’s parents since the death of his sister and primary with help for Maria’s parents for the last 15 years. We also had been primary caregivers for our son who had to have two-thirds of his right lung removed of a cancerous carcinoid tumour.
To make a long story short—–WE NEEDED A VACATION!!! —

After 15 years of passing ships day and night we discovered that we didn’t recognize who lived in our house. Maria didn’t know her husband anymore and Mario didn’t know his wife anymore. IF IN DOUBT–GO BACK TO SQUARE ONE.

In the beginning we started a love story(Princess Bride) now it had become (The Runnaway Couple).

So..What did we learn?

l) There is no such thing as a PERFECT MARRIAGE – even if it has been 47 years.
2) There is no such thing as a PERFECT PERSON- even if it is a Doctor and Kathy life happens.
Ask Dr. Mullen and Kathy HERE!
4) There are dvd tapes and a great book “Emotionally Free” which we purchased
5) You can get help from Dr. Mullen and Kathy with sessions and it is worth the money to get FREE.
6) It is a lovely hotel with spectacular view of Niagara Falls. They also give you coupons and it includes BREAKFAST-wow. Next in The Islands?
7) Register in hotel under Loyalty rewards and get a great rate for a second night, which we did and found out we need to get to know each other again. HELP!!!who are we ?
Please go to Dr. Mullen’s and Kathy’s seminar; you will not regret it. Love you, Mario and Maria.

March 3, 2017
6:11 pm

The most significant step I have taken was to contact a (almost) total stranger…. I emailed Grant and have been speaking via phone (coaching) for about 3 yrs now (where did the time go? ). One of the BEST things I’ve ever done in my life (no, I’m not related to Grant. We’ve never met….only AUDIBLY). Grant and Kathy have touched my life beyond words….and I am FREE to IMPACT OTHERS!!! THANK YOU LORD!!!

March 23, 2017
9:03 pm

I’ve had 2 sessions with Dr. Mullen and as a result I’ve started treatment for anxiety.
The medication is working out really well. Since talking with you last, I’ve been all over the place on trains, airplanes, driving through tunnels without the usual slight anxious feelings that I used to have. Life has taken on a whole new dimension. I feel very normal, and able to be more relaxed with people, take the bull by the horns so to speak in situations where I need to deal with problems, and just simply enjoy what I am doing, and enjoying the journey. I don’t have any depressed feelings at any time, and my motivation is very high. Its seems to be more of a relaxed motivation, not manic in any way.

Ashley Rutledge Carpenter
April 11, 2017
9:58 pm

I was unable to find the assessment page. Could you possibly send me one? Please and Thank you GodBless

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