Is emotional baggage disrupting your life?

Welcome to part three of the four part self assessment course.

In part one you learned that there are three parts to humans, body (mind), spirit and personality. In each of these parts we can have problems that will interfere with the transformation journey.

In part two you learned about physical or mental conditions that interfere with your transformation journey. If you can’t shut your mind off due to depression, anxiety or mood swings it will be very difficult to transform. You now have a self assessment tool for mood disorders and lots of resources to understand them better.

This week we will discuss the problem of emotional baggage and how it disrupts your life.

You will get answers to these important questions:

• What is emotional baggage?
• What is the most important factor that determines your success in life?
• Where do we learn how to have healthy emotions?
• What determines your self image and self confidence?
• Does time heal emotional injuries?
• What can we do now?

To find out just click on the first video below.

• So what’s in our emotional baggage and how did it get there?
• How does Satan take advantage of our baggage?
• Why do we believe lies about ourselves and others?
• How do we get rid our our baggage?

For all these answers just click on the next video.

What do I do next?

We all have emotional baggage but you can reduce it’s affect on your life. We have lots of resources that will help you understand and get rid of baggage. They will change your life!

Personal coaching appointments – are available where we can meet online or by phone. I will answer your questions and discuss areas where you are struggling so we can create a recovery plan.

Emotionally FreeEmotionally Free – The last third of the book allows you to do an inventory of your personality to see if there are any areas where your baggage is disrupting your life. It then explains how to walk to greater freedom.



Empty your baggage with these DVDs/CDs/direct downloads -watch 5 minute previews online

• Forgiveness, the gateway to freedom
• Controlling Relationships
• Finding Self Acceptance
• Freedom from Codependency
• Our Will, A Testimony of Healing
• Overcoming Rejection
• Shame, Our Hidden Torment

Next week we’ll have a look at what influences our spirit.

If you have questions, just click on Contact us.

Talk to you then,


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July 30, 2011
11:40 am

The Emotional Baggage Video :

I knew all along I needed healing for Emotional Hurts ; like you mentioned in the Video I believe it goes Way back to my Child hood and also the GENERATION LINE


Dr. Mullen , Where do I begin and start my work in Transforming my LIFE???????

Councelling (Christian ) is it covered by OHIP?

I need and want to start my healing Process one is very very hard to do its called FORGIVENESS of MY OWN FAMILY MEMBERS .

All this effected me and having to deal with the Public and Society! getting along and trusting !

all this Dis – abled me!

Where do I start Dr. MULLEN?

Dr. Grant Mullen
July 30, 2011
12:37 pm

Elizabeth, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed when you realize that you have baggage. Join the club. We all have it.
A good place to begin is with my Transformation Kit which explains how to get rid of the most common baggage issues. You can see it here

There is even a DVD specifically on Forgiveness.
Christian counselling is not covered by insurance.
I’m happy to help get you started at a coaching appointment. You can learn more about that here:

Janet Dolan
August 19, 2011
10:06 am

Grant: This is me. Thanks for your teachings.

The broken healer:

She was broken by the past
Needing a revelation
She was cracked and bleeding
Needing to be touched
She was torn and tattered
Needing to be healed

She called to her maker
She gave Him her all
She cried out in desperation
For Him to come and heal

He came
He revealed
He touched
He healed

Her heart is now His
Her motives almost pure
Her eyes have become His
Her heart has molded to Him

He now calls her
To come
He now calls her
To reveal
He now calls her
To touch
He now calls her
To heal

Through His eyes
Through His heart

Dr. Grant Mullen
August 19, 2011
1:28 pm

Thanks Janet for your poem.

December 11, 2013
8:11 pm

Well, sonny, you seem to have grasped Dr. Ed Smith’s teaching really well!!!
The discernment you speak of in Hebrews is what the Holy Spirits job is and ours is
to only believe! I like” to heal the broken hearted and set the captive(of the lies)free
Keep up the good work.
Psalm 139:14

Not the best at composing and typing at same time

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