Why do I feel so far from God when I’m depressed?

Depression can wipe you out spiritually.
God can seem so far away that you just can’t reach him.
Why is that? How does this happen?
Click on the video and it will all make sense.

Depression, the path to recovery

Would you like to know more about depression and how mood disorders affect Christians?

Christians are often confused and misinformed about the nature and treatment of mental illnesses. They are also very suspicious of psychiatric treatments, so many are suffering needlessly from correctable conditions.

By using clear and simple explanations along with illustrations, Dr. Mullen removes the mystery and stigma surrounding mood disorders in Christians.

When you download the 2 disc set, Depression, the path to recovery, you can watch 10 TV interviews with Dr. Mullen where he explains a Christian understanding of depression and other mental health issues.

You can even watch a 5 minute preview.

Just click here for more information.

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Joan Andrew
August 2, 2011
12:41 pm

Thank you, this has been so refreshing to find there is a reason for the way I feel. I’m 66 years old and been a Christian for 36 years but don’t feel any closer to God than when I first began except I have a lot of knowledge about God and the Bible. I have always had difficulty with prayer and reading the Bible and relationships even with my family. When I can read other books about the Bible but forget the material after I read it. I have an addiction to books. I have a library worth thousands of dollars of Christian Books. Most of my retirement fund. This video finally put words to what I’ve always felt and had difficulty expressing to others. When I get together with people I don’t know what to say and if they aren’t talkers there is uncomfortable silence. Even with my daughter who is a registered psych nurse and is 37 years old. I feel like I live in a cage I can’t get out of. Thank you for hope. Joan

Dr. Grant Mullen
August 2, 2011
5:50 pm

You’re welcome Joan. But when depression is treated your relationship with God and others should improve.

Lisa Dee
November 21, 2011
10:31 pm

What resources do you have for someone who is the victim of incest and spiritual abuse?

Dr. Grant Mullen
November 22, 2011
2:27 pm

I don’t have anything specifically on incest but my Shame DVD has sections on dysfunctional families and churches along with sections on personal shame from past events. Hope that helps.

Lisa Dee
November 22, 2011
5:39 pm

thank you, Dr. Mullen…I will check it out!

February 16, 2014
9:47 am

Dr. Mullen,

If I recognize that I am depressed and see how it has affected my relationship with God by not praying, reading His word or going to church then why when I plead with the Lord to heal me do I stay in the same mental place. I cry out the name of Jesus, I know that the distorted view I have is my projection on God and not him so why wont he help me fix it? Ive begged Him, lashed out at Him for leaving me in this unhealthy place and questioned whether or not I am really His…

Dr. Grant Mullen
February 16, 2014
8:28 pm

Good question K. The first step is to get your depression treated so you regain control of your thoughts. Then you can restart your devotional life. Remember, God hasn’t left you. It’s just your perception of God has been temporarily affected by depression. There’s hope. Don’t give up!

August 19, 2015
11:43 pm

my biggest fear is who will I be if I take something like Zoloft. Will I be a zombie? Will I have a chemical labodimy? I also am afraid that I will become the apathetic and selfish person that I used be. I pushed God away and out of my self centered lifestyle. I don’t want to be that person.

Dr. Grant Mullen
August 20, 2015
10:47 am

Michael, Antidepressants only restore thought control so you can choose your own thoughts. That’s all. If you feel sedated from them, you just have the dose adjusted so you feel consistently in control of your thoughts. Zoloft is a very popular and effective medication. And they aren’t habit forming. You can get more information at my Q&A page here: http://drgrantmullen.com/q-a-forums/

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