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Have 16 DVDs for one low discounted price!

Now you can have 16 of Dr. Mullen’s DVDs for use in your home, church or small group

Many churches are using this complete set in home groups, recovery groups, Sunday school classes and even Sunday services.

When used along with the Transformation Study Guide and Dr. Mullen’s book Emotionally Free you can create your own transformation group. At the end of each DVD you can join Dr. Mullen in the healing prayers and then have a discussion.

It’s so easy to do and many churches have reported lasting and significant results.

To read what people are saying about the DVD set visit The Transformation Kit page. Write your own review in the comment box below.

Here are the included presentations:

Starting Your Journey to Recovery 


Our Will, A Testimony of Healing

Shame, Our Hidden Torment, part 1 & 2

Fear, When Trust is Lost

Forgiveness, the gateway to freedom

Overcoming Rejection

Freedom from Codependency

You Have Authority

Freedom Now! A Beginners Guide to Deliverance

The Power of Words

Finding Self Acceptance

Burnout, rekindle the flame

Healing: A Physician’s View

Controlling Relationships

Depression, the path to recovery

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