Freedom from Codependency

Freedom from Codependency


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What is Codependency?

How does it happen to relationships?
How do I know if I’m in a codependent relationship?
What can I do about it?

Let Dr. Mullen show you how this problem develops, how to diagnose it and how to be free.

How do I know if I’m in a codependent relationship?

 Freedom from Codependency

Codependency exists when one or both partners are using their relationship to meet personal emotional needs of meaning and significance.

How does it happen?

You will learn how common codependency is and how it damages relationships.
You will understand how the condition begins in childhood and reaches its full destructive force in adulthood.
You will be able to recognize if you have codependent behavior and learn how to stop it.
You will be able to break free of codependency and to establish healthier relationships.

Your questions answered:

  • What does codependent behavior look like?
  • How do most people choose a spouse?
  • What does a codependent marriage look like?
  • What is relationship idolatry?
  • Why are some people attracted to abusive relationships?
  • How does this problem affect children?

At the conclusion you can join Dr. Mullen in prayers to be set free from codependency.

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Alison Ferri, Hamilton, NZ
July 24, 2010
1:18 pm

God spoke to me during the session on co-dependent relationships. I realised I had a co-dependent relationship with my mother that needed to be dealt with. I shared on this with the other group members and prayed for God to show me what to do. I felt a burden lift that night, but know there’s still much prayer and change needed to go on in my life in this area. But praise God……I have a start!

Sonia Santos-Porres
March 3, 2011
1:01 pm

“Just watch you DVD about co-dependancy: very good material. I’ve read quite a lot of stuff in christian books, but you hit the bull-eyes in less than 1 hour. Thanks for that. Blessings”

original site
May 24, 2015
9:06 pm

Thanks for finally writing about > Freedom from Codependency Dr.
Grant Mullen < Liked it!

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