Transform your Mind 4 DVDs & Workbook

Teaching Series for personal or group study


Fear, When Trust is Lost

Moods, what Christians should know

Healing, A Physician's View




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I was swamped with depressed and anxious Christians

My general medical practice was filled with believers who were sad, down, worried and struggling.

They didn’t know where to turn for help.

They were too ashamed to admit how they were feeling to church leaders or friends.

They were tired of pretending to be “walking in victory.”

Many churches wanted to help but didn’t know what to say or do.

So I created this DVD series to help Christians understand depression, anxiety and mood swings.

With these DVDs you will have a Christian understanding of psychiatry and chemical imbalance mood disorders.

You will appreciate how medical treatment can be integrated with inner healing and deliverance ministries.

You will learn how to assess yourself and how to know if you should go for help.

I have also included my DVD on physical healing.

In that session you will understand why we should pray for healing and I tell the stories of people I prayed for who were unexpectedly healed.

It will increase your faith for healing when you pray for yourself or others.

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M. Nazer
August 11, 2014
8:38 pm

Hi Dr. Mullen,

I am planning on using the 4 DVD’s from the Transform Your Mind module as teaching material at my church. I was wondering how many weekly sessions would I have to offer in order to get through all of the material?

Thanks you for help.

M. Nazer

Dr. Grant Mullen
August 12, 2014
10:53 am

3 of the videos are 1 hour presentations. You can do them in 1 hour segments or divide them up into 30 minute instalments. The DVD depression is 10, 20 minute TV interviews so they can easily be split up according to your available time. Let me know by email if you have more questions.

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