Did 2020 have any silver linings?

Dr. Grant MullenChurches and Leadership 6 Comments

2020 was a year to remember, then quickly forget

Every one of us experienced disappointments, disruptions and inconveniences last year.
But Romans 8:28 says there are always silver linings in every crisis.
This week we want you to remember the silver linings from 2020 and look forward to great things in 2021.
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  1. 2020 was a very hard year. I did not get my hair done for 5 months & I also decided to let the gray come in I am certainly looking forward to a better 2021. Not wearing a mask is something big for me too. To be able to visit with friends & family , go to church without a mask & also go grocery shopping without one will be great!

  2. Kathy, your hair looks great!! I let mine go gray ten years ago, and it’s so much more practical…Blessings from Elora, Ontario. Grant, I read one of your books years ago, and was so surprised and happy to see that you were from Ontaio. Can’t remember the title,(it was about accepting help from therapists, not just believing in prayer to heal wounds) but I loved it…thanks for all you do for the Lord and others.

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  3. Last year in 2020. my doctor retired and I got a new young one. He found my diabetes was way too high and out of control which would explain why I was always tired, depressed, sad, break out in sweats etc…. So he put me on a new RX and that was four months ago now. Since then I had another appointment with him. My sugar counts are in normal range, I feel better and I have also lost 22.5 lbs !!! I have also learned to treasure and be grateful for having family and friends. Looking forward to being able to get together again. Because of the lock downs, I decided (like Kathy did) to let my hair grow in with the grey. And guess what? I really like it and I get compliments on it too. My friend Joan works in a Nursing Home and she has had her first virus shot. She gets the second one in the middle of January. So we will be able to get ours probably in late Spring. God has blessed me with finding things to do. I used to take piano lessons when I was a young girl and so I bought a Yamaha keyboard and some music books to teach the adult beginner as I could only remember where middle C was. I also do word search puzzles, adults colouring books and I love to get all dolled up with a pretty dress, dangly earrings and makeup, with no where to go LOL But it lifts my spirit. God bless your ministry. I get your weekly emails and have your book Emotionally Free, I am on your prayer list to support your ministry. So happy new year and may God bless you abundantly.

  4. There were many blessings come out of 2020 for us: our business survived in spite of setbacks. We had more time at home together, therefore we planted and tended container gardens that yielded a lovely little harvest. Our daughter summited 18 mountains over her summer break. Much time for rest, reflection, and growing through some growing pains with the help of many special people. On a deeper level, some of the thresholds God has brought us through in our spiritual, emotional, and relational lives would not have been possible if it hadn’t been for the pandemic and its challenges. This is what God so often does ~ uses trials to refine us and grow us in ways we otherwise wouldn’t seek him out. We were blessed with many awesome resources in the mental health realm. My cousin received a double lung transplant in January 2020 and has been given his life back; his daughter was blessed with a baby girl naturally conceived after years of infertility. Our 7th grandchild was born! We are looking ahead in 2021 to hopefully a fresh start in a new community as we now have an empty nest having lived in the same small town for almost our entire 57 years. We look forward to time with our family of 16 after a very quiet year and Christmas, and to continuing on the path of life that God leads us on. We grieve the disappointments and losses of 2020, celebrate the gifts, and thank God for everything, because we see his ability to bring good out of the very hardest of seasons.

  5. You asked about silver linings. Mine was a course I was able to take online, and the participants were from various places in North America. It was called Kairos, and was the best course I’ve ever taken–made the Bible make sense to me, and brought clarity to our purpose on earth. You mentioned Zoom, and the lack of hair appointments. I also learned to be comfortable with Zoom, and trim my own hair. I’m NOT focused on the vaccine, as I wouldn’t dare get it due to a blood disorder, but I AM looking forward to getting back to in-person church. We used to take that for granted. May we be grateful for it forever, once it’s allowed again–yes, WITHOUT masks!

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