Do you hear a knock?

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Here I am! I stand at the door and knock

We’ve all heard that verse used in evangelism.

But it was written to Christians!

That means that a Christian can close the door to Jesus.

How is that possible?

Click on the video and I’ll explain how easily that can happen.

Now I want to hear from you

What difference did it make in your life when you opened the door? Share your testimony to encourage others. Just leave your comments in the box below.

Chp 2:5 Jesus knocking

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Comments 7

  1. I understand opening the door to Jesus. But as you’ve mentioned before, people with mood disorders have a hard time sensing Jesus presence. I am one of those people. I’m trying to find the right medication still to get my antennae up right. Still a long process

  2. Thanks Greg.
    You can open the door to Jesus and he will come in even if you don’t feel anything. You’re right that if your mood is off you may not feel much. But Jesus is not limited by your feelings. If you’ve opened the door, he’s in! Don’t give up on finding the right meds. It’s worth it. And remember to avoid caffeine.

  3. I enjoy and find your videos very in lighting. I wanted to share my testimony with you. I grew up in a Christian home, took part in church activities and I was Baptised when I was 14. Life ran fairly smoothly for me trusting in Christ for the temporal things in life until 1981 I was searching for a purpose for living. I was unhappy with my role as wife and mother. I screamed at my children and lost control of them. I had a son and daughter ( 1 and 2 years old) I became totally wrapped up in them and was afraid of losing them through an accident. So many childhood accidents had been happing that I started to become paranoid. I was depressed and insecure. I was afraid to go anywhere by myself such as getting groceries or just around the block. Getting supper, cleaning and laundry had become a chore. After listening to sermons on Sunday I became angry because they were so convicting. In search for a solution to my fears I went to a psychiatrist but he didn’t have any answers. A couple of weeks went by and my situation hadn’t changed so I went to my family physician where I explained how I felt and asked for some Valium to calm my nerves. It was ok at first but soon I became dependent on it. I began taking one every time the kids upset me or I became afraid for them. At times I couldn’t remember how many of the pills I had taken. By this time I was scared. Scared of what was happening to me. At the suggestion of a friend I went to see my Pastor. I went because I needed someone to talk to.
    He asked me 2 questions. “If you were to die today are you sure that you would go to heaven” I didn’t know. The next question he asked me was “If you were to go to heaven and God asked you “Why should I let you into my heaven” I didn’t know that answer either. The Pastor then explained to me how to accept Christ. It was there on November 4 1981 that I began a personal relationship with Christ. I went home and explained this to my husband Bob and so he immediately made an appointment with the Pastor and he then accepted Christ. Bob is in heaven now because of that day. Bob died May 29, 1990 of a massive heart attack. Just lately I realized that for 26 years I blamed God for letting Bob die. I watched the movie Confessions of the Periodical Son and I realized that the son was running from God just like I was. I have had so much peace since. I have started to go to a new Bible preaching church and have got most of the negative things and people out of my life as well. I hope that perhaps that this can help someone by sharing it. I also suffer from OCD, Depression and Panic Attacks. My sister bought me your book “A Prescription for Healing Body, Soul and Spirit. Thank you for writing this book it is TOTALLY ME. God Bless you Nancy Callander London Ontario

  4. This is a precious and touching testimony for me to read, thank you Nancy for your courage to share it. It has taken me many years to begin to understand that God really loves me and wants a close relationship despite regrets and my unfaithfulness towards him. I am slowly coming to realise that I’m not disqualified nor unworthy to continue to go to Him – he wants me to! Thank you for this encouraging video, Grant.

  5. Hi Grant,

    I don’t understand how to open the door to Jesus.
    As far as I know, I am not harboring any secret sin but I continue to feel discouraged and disconnected to God every day.

  6. Carol, many people feel the same way. Depression can do that. More likely, you, like most of us, believe lies about God that keep us feeling in the dark. Ask Jesus to reveal the lies that you are believing about him that keep you discouraged.

  7. hello Dr. Mullen,

    My first self assessment was done in 2002. I am trying to remember if I heard you on TV at Huntley Street or it’s a New Day.
    It was a terrible year for me, I had tried to kill myself, one of many attempts, the most serious. I somehow got a hold of your book.

    It is kind of important for me that I know the answer to this question, because I am writing a book on recovery and healing and I am mentioning how helpful your information has been through the years.

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