Don’t let your mind get hacked

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My web site was hacked!

Two years ago my site became the source of a phishing attack to send emails that would steal credit card and PIN numbers.

I felt violated.

It was like having a break-in to my home, but the criminals stayed and opened a broadcasting station in the attic.

It was very embarrassing, frustrating and expensive to fix.

My site was shut down for over a month until the security holes were plugged.

It got me thinking about security holes in our minds. Places where we are vulnerable to the insertion of disturbing lies.

That’s how strongholds are formed.

In this video you’ll learn how to detect and eliminate lies from your mind

Click on the video and do a security sweep of your head.

To live a transformed life you need to expose and dispose of lies.

Now I want to hear from you

How do you detect and clear out lies in your mind? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 11

  1. when i’m alone, and satan reminds me of past offenses, i dont recognize it as his attack initially, as i begin to mutter and complain about the offense. When i do realize what i am doing, i used to just stop, and turn it over to God, and try to not think about it. That worked somewhat. However, while driving a couple of weeks ago, God gave me a cure for that, and it works great, as long as i remember to do it. He told me (well, not verbally) to flash my palm in front of my eyes to break that chain of thought. Then i give it to Him. I would love to just not have the initial thought though..

  2. Grant–Grant way to illustrate how the enemy accesses our minds—“a small hole in our security system”. His ultimate strategy is to plant lies in our mind, that become components of our baggage. The wet cement illustration is also vivid and helpful—during traumatic experiences we become vulnerable i.e. the wet cement idea—great teaching! Thanks!

  3. Awesome illustration, Dr Grant.I love it!! I was emotionally wounded as a child due to all kinds of abuse and so I have to constantly be on guard to dismantle the lies of the enemy that he placed in my mind as a child. I have had such a distorted image of God because of the lies that I believed.One of the things I have struggled with most of my life is the fear of abandoment because my parents rejected me continually.Rejection led to fear of abandonment, which led to me feeling sorry for myself(self-pity), and living in isolation to escape being hurt .With the help of the Holy Spirit and a christian counselor, I have been able to identify a major stronghold in my life and I finally feel like I’m getting to the root of my problems..thanks again for your website and the TRUTHS that you bring to LIGHT so we can dismantle satan’s lies and be free once again..God bless..

  4. I remember the phishing incident, I was already subscribed here when it occurred. I think it so amazing how our minds and computers have so much in common; and how understanding computers can help us better understand how our minds store and retrieve information.

    While I myself am still searching out and eliminating many of my own strongholds, I think this was an excellent metaphor on what happens to so many of us as Christians and human beings.

  5. Thanks for these great comments. I was away yesterday so couldn’t reply. We all struggle with strongholds and it’s a lifelong battle to eliminate them. If we let him, God will keep showing us where the infiltrators are so we can sweep them out.

  6. Thank you Grant for the great illistration of the devils entry into our minds. Uncovering the evil ones scheme does lead to victorious living. I want to demonstate the “Mind of Christ” in my life. I have had to expose the enemy’s lies many times. One thing that I do is ask myself “what would God say about this thought?” That seems to help immediatley….

  7. Thanks.Very helpful and good advice. A question I have for you is “if you don’t have a spouse who would you ask if you are overreacting and you can’t relate with family because that is where the hurts come from?”
    I have been learning alot through your video clips and am thankful that you keep them coming even when I don’t make a comment on them often.

  8. Oh big G, being from the Software Engineering domain, I know exactly what you mean. What a brilliant example. He uses our God given areals that we received to commune with others, for his own evil purposes. We have to jam his signals. The Holy Spirit and as you rightly pointed out, the people the nereast to us, are the best at identifying his signals. good example. bless you.

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