Don’t repeat my mistake about knowing God

Dr. Grant MullenChurches and Leadership 2 Comments

How do you get to know someone important?

You Google them, follow them online, study their tweets and read their books.

Then you know them right?

Christians do the same thing with God.

They read his book, sing his songs and go to his meetings.

So they know him, right?

Click on the video and let’s find out.


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Comments 2

  1. so great to call this out as i see this as a major confusion for many of us. We intellectually believe – but not experientially living an experience Our life with the Christ, like when we seek His face, when we live in and feel His presence- when we depend and rely on His ever present Spirit. I like that you are inviting people to see the innocent error of our misunderstanding in this. Seeking and having knowledge of God without coming to Him in our hearts is the gist of the verse John 5:39 where Jesus says “You search the scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life, these scriptures testify of me, yet you refuse to come to me. I am grateful for this message as an example of how to help others find that place of rest in His presence and to trust our hearts to Him and not just store information about Him in our heads. I feel is is more common than I have ever imagined where we as His children try to Him in our heads and not in our every day actions and hearts. Thank you for pressing into areas that are hard to talk about. The mind of the flesh may not understand the ways of the Spirit, yet when the truth is spoken in love, our minds can be renewed. Peace and may Holy Spirit encourage you in your adventures encouraging God’s family. Thank you.

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