Have you ever wanted to change the weather?

Dr. Grant MullenChurches and Leadership, Moods 5 Comments

You can’t change the weather

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Did you know that there is an atmosphere that you can change right now?

It will change how you think, feel and relate to others.

Click on the video and I’ll show you how.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you changed the spiritual atmosphere? Just leave your testimony in the box below. It will encourage someone.

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  1. Please pray for me. I recently collapsed and ended up getting a pacemaker. I thank God it actually happened in public because I got the help I needed when I was the most helpless.

    It has been a shock though. I am on the cusp of marriage to a wonderful Christ filled man. May Job however was less than comforting and almost fired me.

    Please pray for healing for these hurts. Help me to feel again that I am a contributing member of our work group. I am getting a lot of flack even though they can’t fire me.

  2. Worship music lifts heaviness of our hearts and spirits! We often have worship music on at home. I have an electrolysis clinic in our house, and various clients have remarked how peaceful my home feels. My husband says how nice it is to come into when he walks in after a gruelling, hard day at his contracting job. We know it it because the Lord’s Presence is here.

  3. Actually this morning I started worshiping by singing hymns that praise God and it changed my anxious feelings into calm.

  4. Hi Grant
    I am a worship leader in our church and am constantly practicing worship and writing the odd song. In the last two days people have said they believe angels are on the property and they feel a real peace when the come here.
    That confirmed what I believed was the case. Thanks for your post. Norman

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