Have you made parenting mistakes?

Parenting is hard!

And we don’t get much training for it.

So we all make mistakes….

Especially with our first born.

But those mistakes can turn into regrets.

Regrets can torment us for years.

Click on the video if you’ve ever made a parenting mistake and learn what to do with your regrets.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you been able to let go of regrets?  Just leave your testimony in the box below. It will encourage someone.

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3 comments on “Have you made parenting mistakes?

  1. Natalie on

    This was very timely! Thank you! I have lost sleep over regrets and other struggles and it has been a stronghold. This is not the way the Lord wants me to live. I have and will pray that the Lord will make up what we have missed in raising our children (still raising them). It can be overwhelming when everyone has more and we have always had less. Thank you for giving the picture of all the regrets that we hand over to the Lord. May the Lord give us Life more Abundantly!

  2. Noel Brocker on

    Thank you for this very timely message. For the first time in 37 years my adult son did not contact me to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. I gave that to Jesus, to help with the distance In our relationship. Of course, It did send me on a regret journey which I will now pile up and also hand to Jesus. I will not give Satan the power of holding me in the past, but instead look forward now to receiving help from Jesus in this matter.

  3. Sandra on

    I thought I had become pretty good at not living in regret. Still, your message touched a little “pile” of it. Thank you for those encouraging words!
    We should call you and your wife, “Mr. and Mrs. Barnabas!”

    My mother said many times that she had been too hard on us (especially on my one brother). I told her that she accomplished the one most important parenting “duty” and that was to lead us all to the One we KNEW we could call on to deliver us from any damage from her parenting mistakes!

    Thanks again. 🙂


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