Have you wondered if you heard God correctly?

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Do you get confused by God’s directions?

Do you ask yourself “Did I really hear from God?” when things go badly?
Do you get frustrated or fearful when God tells you to wait?
You’re not alone.
This week I interview a business owner who asked all those questions when God was redirecting her business.
Click on the video and hear her encouraging story.

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Now I want to hear from you

Have you had to trust God's directions even when it was confusing? Just leave your story in the box below. It will encourage many.

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  1. In 2016 my husband George was diagnosed with cancer. George felt that God had told him that He would heal him, He would manage the cancer and He would restore George’s strength. I also asked God for a confirmation of this and God reminded me of the healing of our grandson who was born prematurely. God had healed Addison and he was 13 years old at this time. George received treatment and we continued to thank God for his healing as we witnessed to everyone what we believed that God had said and confirmed. George died two years later in 2018.
    I have not only lost a wonderful husband who I loved very much (56 years of marriage) but I have lost confidence in hearing from God. I love my savior, our Lord Jesus Christ, and look forward to His coming for His church. I have also lost the teaching and healing ministry that George and I shared for more than 25 years as laymen.

    1. Thank you. All that I can do at this point is to trust God. I am continuing to minister as best I can at the church that God told George and I to worship with. I do not feel comfortable traveling too far by myself. Perhaps my confidence in God will increase once again. God bless you for your loving ministry.

  2. Post

    Linda, this is a very touching story, thanks for being so honest. I’m sure you speak for many people that have been confused and disappointed. The only truth we can fall back on is that we know that God is good, he loves us, watches over us and he does speak to us. Continue to trust his love and care for you. He knows how you are feeling and cares for you at this time.


    Years ago,when I was learning to hear from God,I had a minor accident in my car. Another woman backed into me. I had also backed in an awkward way. We exchanged details, she said she was ensured and I believed her. My insurance co investigated and it came to light she was driving a borrowed,uninsured car.They were now taking her to the Small Claims Tribunal.I felt uneasy and one day in my Bible reading, the words pulsated off the page.’Do not take your brother to court or the outcome may be worse for you’.I felt convicted,I wrote to the Ins Co asked them to drop the charge, they said no, it was all progressing, it was out of my hands. I wrote to the other woman and in return I received a stinging letter back telling me she thought I was trying to bribe her to drop charges and how dare I pervert the course of justice!
    By this time I was bewildered.I began to think I was wrong in hearing God and just had to drop everything and let it be.

    The day before it was to go to court,I received a phone call.She wanted to speak to me.I drove round and met her and her children.She was a solo mother of 4 kids, she was on a benefit and she had spoken to her pastor and now wanted to talk to me! I nearly swallowed my teacup. I had not thought for one moment she was a fellow Christian. So we prayed, we came to an agreement we would pay half each, she at $10 week from her benefit and it was all resolved.
    Years later I was in a cafe and a young woman served me and asked if I was … I said yes and she called out to her mother to come from the kitchen to see me. She was wreathed in smiles and hugged me.No resentment,all fixed, she was now remarried and happy. Things were going well for her.

    What I learned is there is more to things than my side, God is often working in someone else. I had to learn to be patient while He worked with her for a righteous resolution. All I could see was my side.It has been a good example to build perseverance and patience and not agitate when things do not happen on my timetable. (God’s agenda is not mine.) However the lesson has been valuable in all parts of my life.

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