Here’s how to begin spiritual warfare

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You now know that you have spiritual weapons and the authority to use them

Now it’s time to put them into action.

No longer will you be a victim of mental harassment from dark thoughts.

In this video you will close the two biggest access doors to your mind.

Click on the video and prepare to be victorious!


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  1. Thank you for including the downloadable audio clip (saves me the time of extracting it)!! I’m adding it to my daily audio bible listening. It’s a great way to keep your garden free of spiritual “weeds” and allows you to be a sharp tool in the Master’s hands.

    1. Hi,
      This is a great reminder that I CAN overcome! My challenge is to remember the spiritual weapons are there for me to use. I am moving forward and asking the Holy Spirit to poke me in the shoulder ANY time I have a wrong attitude or even a thought that does not line up with what He wants me to think. For me, it is about putting on the helmet of salvation and the belt of truth and knowing the the enemy is not ever going to tell me the truth. So if there is a thought in my head that does not line up with scripture, that would be the enemy lying.
      Thanks for this video!

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