Here’s why the truth doesn’t always set you free

Dr. Grant MullenChurches and Leadership 6 Comments

Jesus said the truth shall set you free

So why then are so many Christians still bound and struggling?

They know the truth but it doesn’t seem to be working for them.

Isn’t the truth enough?

What’s missing, that’s preventing the truth from doing what Jesus promised?

Click on the video and find out.

Now I want to hear from you

How did you learn to add faith to the truth? Just leave your testimony in the box below. It will encourage someone.

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Comments 6

  1. I’m very thankful now that God saved me in such a supernatural way from suicide. This allowed me to be awestruck with His glory and grace ever since. Being raised as a redneck I know that when i read the bible I can have every promise I just have to expect and walk. I believe I have made my own tent of remembrances like David of how He has saved me. Each time I step out and become afraid I look back and see what God has brought me through thus far and that He has my back!

  2. My faith has been brought to life and deepened by personal interaction with God, receiving healing, deliverance and dreams and visions…also hearing at times that inner audible voice that can only be God. When I pray for others I feel the anointing at times. Yet I need more time with Him….a lot more.

    When I listened to your video and the exhortation to apply faith to truth, I thought about how we can have lots of faith in other things or people and yet or because of this, turn off our faith in God. Other faith objects such as doctors and medication or repetitive prayers are just too common place. Sometimes we need to be weaned off our false faith objects and recognize when we are substituting something or someone in the place of Jesus.

  3. Right now I’m trying to live in a leap of faith and trust. I so very much love a wonderful man in the UK. He asked me to marry him just over a year ago. Right now we are trying to take the steps for immigration to the UK so that we can be married in the UK. We both love the Lord and we are trusting that he will unclog the red tape highway that seems to be part of this process. Please pray for us.


  4. I was drowning in the religion of men. I was kind of a religious person. I was praying to Mary,I was going to church and do all that my religion told me to do.
    Until I found a site online where it said some things about religions’ heresies.And I found out interesting facts about my religion.An it made me understood . and that was good. BUT and I also found something that was saying that Jesus is not God and is just a prophet. and shame on me,I started believing it. I even told a prayer in which I was confessing to God the Father that I am sorry for believing that Jesus is God or something similar. What a fool I was! (but we all were lost once)

    But all those stuff were with a purpose. Because I was so confuse about everything( I didn’t feel anything good by telling that prayer. Something in me was telling me that that is wrong.)and I FINALLY asked Him for help.
    I asked Him to show me the truth and in my mind it came the verse “”I am the way and the truth and the life. “. And I began to feel guilty for believing what that website told me. At that point I knew Jesus was God. I knew it. And I began to feel really bad for believing that He is not God and I was telling myself ” He died for me and I believed He is not God. I am such a sinner. ” . I began to repent.(I think didn’t really know what was this called). It came natural.
    And after that I felt such a joy and a love for God. I can’t explain it in words. It was the Holy Spirit but then I didn’t know.
    And I felt new,born again. the next day I woke up with a desire to please God and never be the same as I was before. And since then I got answers to my questions. a lot of answers.
    And now I consider myself as having no religion. I have a relationship with Jesus and I am so happy.He is my everything. Praise the Lord?

  5. Post
  6. In the last few months I have been dealing with health issues.that can’t be recognized . Of course I went to God and prayer, only to learn I was so lukewarm in what I was doing and believing. God brought prayer warriors into my life to teach about right believing and about speaking and believing. The stress of worry and anxiety have been released, so in addition to being refined in the Father’s Glory right now , I am developing a deeper relationship with him….Amen!

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