How did I end up doing this?

Dr. Grant MullenChurches and Leadership 7 Comments

I thought I was going to become an anesthetist

But God had other plans.
That role was just the first stepping stone to many others.
I had so many unexpected mid career adjustments.
God obviously had me in a very long training program.
It eventually led me to the ministry that Kathy and I are now doing.
Watch the video and I’ll explain what happened.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God redirected your life?  Just leave your story in the box below. It will encourage many.

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I am so thankful for you and Kathy and this ministry. I think the biggest benefit of the Free Your Mind program is that you are reachable and not just some name, sending out teachings….. but a real person who shares their struggles and victories and is alway reacheable and responds to emails personally in a timely manner, and not just a preprogrammed, unpersonal  response. Thank you for that!~Janine S. Hensall ON 

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Comments 7

  1. This past sunday the lesson for the children was about God having a plan for our lives ! Well I taught them that Jeremiah’s dad was the high priest of the day, which placed Jeremiah in line for the priesthood as well. But God had a different plan and called Jeremiah to be a prophet. Good bye to the priesthood and hello to the prophetic. It wasn’t easy but it was glorious and served the purposes of the Lord. My parents thought that I was going to be a rabbi or a lawyer because they said that I had the gift of the gab. Well “when it pleased God who separated me from my mother’s womb and called me by His grace to reveal His Son in me…” my life was changed as well. Now my heart and mouth testify to Jesus being the Messiah !! I deeply rejoice in how He has led me since that day as a 19 year old. His way is perfect. Not easy but perfect. God is full of surprises, and deep love.

  2. I was going to go into business or sciences
    And god totally redirected me. I ended up with a psych and soc degree, and working with children! Which I absolutely love. I’ve worked in offices before and it feels like hard drudgery. But this gives me joy, it’s my calling.

  3. In high school I wanted to be a secretary, but my typing teacher told me rudely that was not a good choice for me. So I started in the hospitality industry and this was good as I learned to be more confident, but after some years I went to secretarial school and landed a job in a large corporation. Thirty-four years later I am still there, but now I have a strong desire to do something completely different. That is the big question now – what do I do?

  4. God redirected my life when I was diagnosed as having been born with severe dyslexia at age 38. I had had a career in NYC in fashion and design and enjoyed it very much but I knew something was missing. I had a number of traumas in my life and the diagnosis opened the can of worms so to speak. Many issues came up for me to understand and try and heal from emotionally. I got physically sick and fought for wellness for years. I became a Christian after the diagnosis and during very difficult times. A number of years ago I read Emotionally Free which is a book that I have reread over the years written by Dr. Mullen. My quality of life leaves me yearning for more so I decided to do this program as well as having concerning enemy attacks too.

  5. God redirected my life by opening the spiritual doors for me in the bible when I realized that I had many hidden problems emotionally. I never expected to have personal problems. I always dreamed of helping others in a big way. It has been very humbling to have to work away quietly on personal baggage but I am painting for the church now and recently published a children’s book about beautiful memories of childhood so there is some preogress.

  6. Through emotional trauma (loss of Father and hospitalization of Mother), God led me down a different path than the one I was on. I did not complete my schooling as I needed to find a place to live and a job to support myself. This change in direction brought me closer to God and gave me strength, courage and opportunity. I went from pursuing a career in the health field to policing. Just finished a 30 year fulfilling career as an officer. Thank you Lord for creating something life altering from something life altering.

  7. I loved your story Grant. You gave me a few good chuckles. Well our God is awesome and knew what He was doing! Your ministry is so needed.

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