How do you choose a guide?

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Life is full of unexpected events

Your path is filled with twists, turns, hills and valleys.
You often feel confused and uncertain which way to go.
You need a guide.
This week I’m taking you on a hike with Kathy and me.
Watch the video, then choose your guide.

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Comments 5

  1. Great tips for hiking…great principles for life…(and good suggestion about clearing cobwebs, too!) Thank you, Dr. Grant and Kathy…you have been those who have listened, heard His voice, and gone before–even to mark the trail. We appreciate that SO much!

  2. This was a great visual to your message, thank you. Our 20 year old daughter has become an avid (“obsessed”) hiker in the Rocky Mountains and is learning many lessons and gaining deeper self-awareness through her experiences on mountains. She’s very ambitious and adventurous, and we’re helping her set principles to hopefully bring wisdom into the necessary ongoing decisions required for safety. Last week we had a very scary evening late at night when she’d been on a very high difficult trail for 14 hours, out of cell service range, and we hadn’t heard from her that she was on her way back home even by 10:30 at night. She knew she’d ignored her principles, and it was a huge sobering experience for her. As I prayed at home while waiting to hear from her, I recalled when she was 10 years old in a cross-country ski class on a golf-course, and she got lost from the group as dark descended on the golf course. The instructor had warned them about moose encounters. She was so afraid, but she just kept praying “Be my Shepherd! Be my Shepherd” over and over again as she frantically tried to find her way back to the light of the clubhouse. The next day her devotional was about God being her Navigator. I went back last week in prayer to that experience 10 years ago, asking him to be her Navigator again, and her Shepherd… she and I have been memorizing Psalm 23 this summer, so as I prayed psalm 23 I did actually tangibly feel the peace of God fill me. It was powerful to sense the shift. Momentarily my husband came to tell me he’d just been talking with her on the phone, and she was unharmed (physically), but pretty shook emotionally. All of this to say: the hiking analogy is very poignant to us at this time! Thank you!

  3. We were on holidays this week too and enjoyed some family hiking. I was usually the slowest because I was always stopping to take a closer look at colorful and strange shaped fungi…touching the ferns, moss or tree bark and soaking in every moment.
    My horse also has a built in GPS…so when I get adventurous riding and lose my way..I just let him carry me back!
    So loved the hiking analogy!

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