Stop doing boring devotions!

Dr. Grant MullenChurches and Leadership 7 Comments

Are your devotions boring?

Have you given up because you aren’t getting anything out of them?

You’re not alone.

Far too many Christians have no regular quiet time with God.

They have all the head knowledge about God but a very weak relationship.

Click on the video and I’ll explain how my devotions came alive.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you made your devotional time come alive? Just leave your testimony in the box below that will encourage someone.

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Comments 7

  1. Great message Grant….I love how you include the common thoughts, reasonings and perceptions we all experience. This helps eliminate the tendency for guilt and shame as you lovingly encourage us. And it’s also dead-on FUNNY!!! It’s no surprise scripture doesn’t share HOW/WHAT Jesus’ prayer time with the Father was like (format)…. or it would be patented and “marketed” as a SUPER DEVOTION FORMULA. We are all UNIQUE and our time with God can be, too.

  2. I have used devotional books from some of the TV preachers, like David Jeremiah and have found them somewhat helpful. But I will try to get the devotional Jesus Calling. In my devotions I try to always give thanks, before my petitions. I have found though, if I don’t start my day with the Lord, always feels like something missing. Shirley

  3. Hi
    Yes, I’ve used different devotionnals during my quiet time with my Lord and appreciated them but I’M exactly experiencing a new level of intimacy with God with the book ” Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. I trully recommend it to all who wish to know God more personnally.

  4. Well, my devotions have NOT come alive–I do the selections-from-the-one-year-bible thing and then my “grocery list” of requests, somewhat like you did–so your message was very timely. I do have the “Jesus Calling” book, which was given me by a friend a few years ago, so today I’ll try starting with that and then visualizing Jesus sitting beside me, and see what happens. Thanks, Grant!

  5. That was an excellent message Grant, I have been asking God to help me in this relationship and restoration with my daughters as I shared a little with you Grant.
    I believe God was speaking to through a Scripture which is Hebrews 9 and also Jeremiah 31:31 if I have it correctly. regardiing this meeting as I asked God to be with us as we met and their was a great breakthrough Praise God as I also had back up prayer.

    I really find your advice sound and very helpful

    Blessings Gayle

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