Ten resolutions you shouldn’t make this year

Dr. Grant MullenChurches and Leadership 31 Comments

What are your resolutions for this year?

It’s the beginning of a new year and time for resolutions.

What are you going to do differently this year?

Or are you going to let your resolutions go the way of your new gym membership?

In this video I’ll reveal 10 resolutions you should avoid.

Then you’ll learn the one resolution worth making and keeping. It will be a stretch for you.

Click on the video and make this year count!

Warning: I have to apologize for the ending of this video. I had a creative disagreement with the director.

Now I want to hear from you

What are you going to do differently this year that will stretch you? Just leave your comments below.

Do you feel too weak or defeated to make the resolutions that will bring needed changes to your life? You are not alone.

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Comments 31

  1. I should probably be the president, or at least the vice-president of Apathetics Anonymous but I’ll probably never aspire to it. (smile)

    However, as I was praying for the house church we pastor, God gave me this: “The gifts flowing and the fruit growing.” Since I’m obviously part of this fellowship, that needs to happen individually as well as corporately. So that’s my elastic for this year.

    As far as that gym membership, a local morning show is offering a 6 month one. Perhaps I’ll enter that contest. If I actually won, I’d use it because I seldom win anything.

    Now, do I hear any nominations to the executive of Apathetics Anonymous?

  2. Hi Dr Mullen,

    Happy New Year! Kathy’s comments at the end of the video were hilarious – in essence – physician, heal thyself! lol

    I have the same New Years resolution every year, and every year I keep it. It is to fast Facebook for the month of January. Getting off of Facebook for a month forces me to re-evaluate what I’m doing and where I’m going in the big picture. I reflect inwardly instead of socialize outwardly. It also breaks the Facebook habit in me which, because I use Facebook a lot, helps me avoid turning the very addictive Facebook into an addiction.

    Social media is a great thing for me. It helps me keep connected to friends and family, it gives me a venue to display my artistic endeavors (such as edited videos that I make on YouTube, audio readings of novels that I write on CinchCast, non-fiction articles that I write on HubPages, humour blogs on Blogger, humorously captioned photographs/cartoons that I’ve created and more), and most importantly, to share my walk with the Lord with the over 50% of unsaved people who are on my Facebook friend list. For example, if I have a bad day, instead of venting on Facebook, I will share whatever Bible verse I’m praying through with everyone. I have a wonderful time sharing on Facebook.

    However, I don’t want Facebook to be so important that it becomes an idol in my life. So once a year, I simply give it up! This is my fourth year doing this.

    That’s my New Years resolution……and I’m sticking to it! I hope that you and Kathy have a wonderful New Year!

    Nancy Connolly-Hendriks

  3. I’d like to send you a comment but I’m a procrastinator. hmhmhmhmThe only reselution I make is to NOT make any reselutions.

  4. I am working at being consistent to study the Bible every day and listen to good teacher on line. My second gold is not to talk about any body who has hurt me in my church any more. This will be a hard one. That is how I survive was being a whiner. I really need God’s help with this. Someone in our church told me that I need to walk in the spirit. I thought I was. Every time someone analyzes me I feel like a new christian again. I asked Jesus into my heart eleven years ago. I am 67years young and some time I feel stuck.

  5. one of the pastors at our church has said that she makes one word resolutions like commitment, or peace well I am taking a page from her book and my word this year is Serenity. I want to allow God to have his rightful place in my life my mind my heart and in all I do. I if I am so caught up in confusion and strife He has no place there. Just like in twelve step Im going to do it one step at a time, now I wish all of you the peace of God and Serenity.

  6. God all way’s ready to stretch us if we are willing to be stretched. Even a car accident I was in stretched my ability to lean on Jesus for my strength. He was there from the time the car hit me in that intersection up to the time I was back on my feet 6 weeks later and still is today. He is my strength in sickness and in health.
    And my apologies Grant. Right through the video I was expecting you to end the video my shooting the band at Kathy. I liked her resolutions at the end tho. I think she would agree if I said you should read them at the beginning of every wee. God bless.

  7. I want to experience deeper intimacy with God this year, which means making time every day for worship and soaking in His presence. Hard for me to do. It’s easier to be busy!
    I’m also hoping to memorize scriptures to renew my mind. I’ve started with Psalms 91: 1-2.
    I started back at the gym after being away from it for months! It feels great to exercise. Hope I can stay with it this year! I’m also meeting new people which is good for me, as I’m by myself when I work.
    I’m enjoying your new videos! It would be wonderful to meet you and Kathy some day!

  8. My new year’s resolutions are to forget the past (my mistakes and the mistakes of others) and to walk with God, thinking good thoughts about my self and of God. But as you talk about stretching I realize I could be stretched socially. I am guarded and naturally introverted thinking the worst rather than the best in someone, and being too guarded can give people the wrong impression about me. So that is where I’ll ask God to help me.

  9. Well, sonny, time for another lesson in life. NEVER make a resolution because the evil one will not allow you to complete it. Vows are done in your own strength and not in the power of the Spirit. Acknowledge your inability to change with out God, let him lead the way to a change that will be best for you.. Remember, sonny, he is a little smarter about these things than you are.. Eating from that tree got us into this mess.

  10. Thank you Dr Mullen – once again confirmation and encouragement from you to walk in the path and use the gifts God has given me. I’m going to do is as Joyce Meyer put it – if your’e scared – do it afraid. Thanks for everything hope to see you soon.

  11. I loved the end of this video!! Amazing how humor and a partner can make such a difference. I totally agree that stretching and growing is a challenging part of being a Christian. When I taught writing, I had difficulty getting students to try something new, or even letting go of bad habits. Talking through the new framework, either with me or with their group within the class helped them with baby steps. C.S. Lewis said something about making mud pies in the slums because we cannot imagine a holiday at the beach. Dr. Mullen, I think you are on to something big here in encouraging us to picture ourselves out on the water with Jesus rather than staying in the leaking boat. Happy New Stretching Year.

  12. Hmmm, this is abig change year for my husband and I he is retiring from his factory job,and we are anticipating the move into being those vendors in the local farmers market in our town.
    We have experienced emotional batteringin the past year as well as financially but… the moment of aha!!! It has been the biggest spiritual growth time forus. We havelesrned to let go of material goods, andcome to the realization that weneed to trust God for everything, that while we have use of things they arent really ours they belong to God. Great so many sleepless nights now do not exist. Godis there and he will ptovide. Looking at a whole new mission field in that market, What wonderful opperitunities it will provide. Aswellas a littlesupplimentto uournow fixed and limited income.

    Wenever plannned to be unstable financially but stuff happens and well God is in control.Through this time we have aquired awonderful family somebeleivers others seekers, andwe love tem all.

    2013 come on we are standing firm in faith!!!!

  13. Happy New Year to you and Kathy! Btw, Kathy, loved the comments, as those would be the exact same resolutions I’d be banking on with my hubby! Good luck!

    I don’t do resolutions anymore because frankly they don’t work. I feel that if you will yourself to do anything then it may get done, it’s not always a proven method either.

    Let’s just say it’s best to have tried than to not have tried at all and hope that the outcome will be exactly what you willed.

    Happy Resolutions to Everyone!

  14. Grant and Kathy
    May 2013 be a tremendous year for you.

    Grant that message is what we all need to be stretched and not be stagnant but to move on in His strength not our own.

    You always inspire us Grant thank you and many blessings to you both


  15. Chuckling at your wife’s comments,she has a great sense of humor.
    This is what I’m praying for,Is to put the Happy Back in this New Year.

  16. When I first accepted Christ into my life 7 years ago I felt strongly about venturing out into the mission field…I had never in 22 years of my life thought about doing this so I believe that it was Him that put that desire in my heart. However, I did not know that a battle had been waged against me and I began to struggle with mental health issues which took a toll on my faith to the point where I doubted my own Salvation. Now several years later, I am married, have a house, and by God’s grace have broken free from the bondage of mental health and still I long to go one day. However, I struggle with conflicting thoughts about leaving my husband and work behind to pursue something that I still feel called to, especially in the midst of attempting to start a family and trying to understand if this is still God’s will for me to go. I’m hoping that 2013 will be the year where I aggressively pursue Christ in all that I do, to be bold and courageous for Him and possibly take that next step in leaving my own familiarity and comfort behind, even if just for a week to put that desire to the test!

  17. Well ,sonny, I see you woke up in a church service and discovered these truths. Because Christians have not stuck by God and his word, they have slid into the straddle the fence policy of compromise!! Cannot serve God and mammon.

    We have become warrior wimps who sit on their sword and wonder why the world is in such a mess when the root cause is in themselves!!!

    There is hope for the small % of us the at yield and shield the word of God because we know him as a loving father that gives us the power to live.

    Bless you sonny,
    Psalm 139:14

  18. For years I struggled with a lot of anger and bitterness towards christians in the American church, or maybe I should say “so-called” christians.Even left church and all church activities for a year.I hated the hypocrisy and pretentiousness I observed from the saints of God, especially since I desire transparecy and transformation.I was shocked to realise a lot of churches are dysfunctional churches filled with dysfunctional people.I guess the reason I was so bitter is because I thought they would meet some of my needs for love, approval and acceptance. I realised much later that those needs can only be met by God.Now I look to Him to meet those emotional needs, praise God.I repented of all that hate and anger towards these people, received God’s forgiveness, and am back in God’s house to worship Him and keep His Word, not to look for love from dysfunctioanl church folks who dont even have a concept of what God’s true, agape love is all about..God bless you Dr Grant and family..All the best for 2013..

  19. Wow- great message! Got a little stretched there myself just listening to it!
    Great comments from those responding to your video! I can’t wait to meet all of you -whether here on earth or heaven!
    Great humour! I understand Kathy… Really!
    Dr Mullen, you have such an amazing ministry! Thank you and bless you for it!

  20. I feel I am being led in another career path. But the unknown scares me. I have a desire to write for God. He has given me topics for devotionals and also screenplays for films. Its a dream I that has been in my heart for so many years. To glorify God through film. I start writing then stop because of one thought, “How will this even be possible?”

  21. Grant, I just love Kathy’s comments. She thinks like my wife (57years) .. I believe God only leaves us here for a purpose. He has planned. Been retired 7 years now and doing new things see my website .. http://www.kiwibooks.org and I’m looking forward to new opportunities.
    Blessings on you both – in His service — Denis Shuker

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