This is how to stop talking yourself out of God’s will

Dr. Grant MullenChurches and Leadership, I am significant 5 Comments

God is always speaking to you!

Most of his words come as seed thoughts.

But what do you do with those seeds?

Do you allow them to germinate, or talk yourself out of them?

If you plant and water those seed thoughts, they could change the course of your life.

Click on the video and start tuning your ears.


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    1. Post

      Thanks. We discovered a miracle weight loss program. I’ll have to write a book on it…. I ate less and exercised more over 9 months! It will be a short book.

  1. I think I tune in more to God’s thoughts by actually increasingly practising the presence of God. I know this sounds vague, but it’s a growing awareness of his presence, activity, voice, the countless ways he chooses to reveal himself, the ‘love notes’ he sends in such cool ways into my life and others lives, and lets me notice.

    I really appreciate your way of describing ‘seed thoughts’ from God. If I recognize that a thought or idea might be a seed thought from God, I (sometimes) try to ‘follow’ that thought, by sharing it with a trusted person, by talking to God about it, by putting it out there (giving it more potential to develop), by perhaps taking a small step in the direction of the fruition of that thought. And then, waiting to see where it takes me.

    I am currently in the process of following what could be one of these seed thoughts this summer. I’m transitioning from over two decades of homeschooling our children, and for years, people have asked me (and I’ve asked myself) “what is next?” I’ve been drawn over recent months towards Spiritual Direction, and this summer an opportunity to participate in a program seems to have pursued me. The temptation has been there to talk myself out of it, but as I’ve done these other things (above), I’ve asked myself the overall question ‘why would I talk myself out of this?’

  2. I love how the Lord promises to dwell with us and show us insight and wisdom when and if we are willing to listen and partner with Him- just as you describe. What a huge gift- that He truly does not leave us or forsake us- but has come to dwell within us. Seed thoughts indeed !!

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