This is why you shouldn’t give up praying

Dr. Grant MullenChurches and Leadership, I am significant 8 Comments

Have you given up praying for something important?

You prayed for years and nothing happened.

So you gave up.

And your faith shrunk.

So your prayers have been weaker ever since.

You’re not alone.

It’s a very common experience but it can shipwreck your faith.

Click on the video and I’ll explain why you shouldn’t give up, even when it looks hopeless.

Now I want to hear from you

Have you had prayers answered long after you had given up? Just leave your testimony in the box below that will encourage someone.

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Comments 8

  1. I have been enjoying and inspired by your weekly commentary; they are short and to the point. I often doubt the results from prayer but am encouraged not to give up on prayer. There is so much secularism out there, it is doubt generating and we need support. Thank you and may God continue to bless you, Kathy and your ministry. ,
    M and M

  2. Why is it we all seem to think prayer is answered when God does not say yes?
    Elijah prayed that he might die but God said NO!
    No is a wonderful answer to prayer at times!
    Paul’s thorn in the flesh -take it away again NO!
    I go to many meetings and I am waiting for some one to get up and say I had a wonderful answer to prayer God said NO!!!!!

  3. I have been praying for our son and his family to come to the LOrd. Even though he had attended Bible School he turned his back on God.And that is some years ago. But he did say that I could talk to their daughter about God, and so He has answered my prayer in that for the first time (as they live in another city) she is coming to my home for a week this summer, so am praying that God will give me the words of Him to her. She is a sweet little girl.

  4. Dear Dr. Grant,

    I was encouraged by your take on prayer and how we should not give up. When do we know that God’s answer is a “No?” What’s the difference.
    Thank you for your messages to us. I appreciate them very much.

    Blessings, in Yeshua,
    Leanna D Eliannah Smith

  5. Hi, thank you.
    i never once have thought that the answer would be NO when you are praying to him for help.
    This is very discouraging for me.

  6. Our daughter’s graduation after so much fear, she study and we parents encouraged her not to give up and her husband to be.
    June 14, 2017 was her big day..

    The Lord showed me it is all related to the generations past and still to this day as I spoke to mom.

    Next will be our son, so fearful to return to school.

  7. I really enjoy your exhortations but for one reason or another I could not access the last one. Yes I believe to pray continually (Luc 1:18). I am just expermenting an healing after five years of prayer with all my prayer part ners. Yes He sometimes says no but also wait and lean on Me.

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