This man was healed after 22 years of chronic pain!

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God still heals today!

Meet Pastor Dan Starlund.
He was severely injured in a car accident and lived with chronic pain, infections and disability for 22 years.
Then while on vacation he was visited by an unusual stranger who told him the date he would be healed and then walked away.
Sounds like an angel to me!
Click on the video and hear Dan tell his story.
We recorded this in a First Nations village near the Alaska border, so it’s very windy. But you must hear his story.

This was recorded in Gingolx, British Columbia.

Now I want to hear from you

Do you have a testimony of healing? Or have you been visited by an angel?  Just leave your testimony in the box below. It will encourage someone.

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  1. Ty Grant & Dan!
    When I worked at Child Protection, apparently Angels (?) stood before me & a man who was enraged-going to push me. The man said there was a white force in front of me. He could not do it, & became immediately cooperative of my investigation!

    With Blessings,

  2. Thank you Lord, Kathy/Grant for making testimonies, such as this, available so our trust in God is encouraged and strengthened!!! It is easier to tear down or give up than it is to build and continue moving forward… I bless you both and all you do in Jesus’ name! – ( …”he who waters shall himself be watered”. Proverbs 11:25 B) ?

  3. Post
  4. Thank you Dr. Grant and Pastor Dan

    This encourages me as I have been suffering from one thing (both mentally and physically) or another all my life. I will keep on going with my faith and choose to trust God for my healing!

  5. Thank you for this encouragement. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was due in September. In July, I started having bleeding. I went to the hospital and was given an ultrasound. I was told I had premature separation of the placenta. Complete bed rest was ordered. I went home, and in a few days, God indicated, through his Word that I would not have a miscarriage. I was a New Christian and unwed mother, at this point. I spent copious amounts of time listening to testimonies and studying the Word. I ended up, not only making it to my due date, but going three weeks beyond and delivering a 9 lb. 2 oz. baby.

  6. On February 10, 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 3 stomach cancer. Nine days later, during worship at church, a young woman who I had never met before, came to me and told me that she had just been given a picture of the Lord healing a woman in a wheelchair. Jesus told the woman, “your faith has made you well.” The Spirit of God asked this woman to share that vision with the woman sitting behind her. Apparently she turned around, saw me, and told God that this woman looked fine! He told her to share it anyways! Thank the Lord she was obedient. Her words were exactly what I needed. I was a bit surprised and sorry to have to undergo surgery and chemotherapy and radiation after that. A lot of naturopathic treatments as well. But God showed my husband and I that this was no less a miracle than an instantaneous healing. There is much more to the story, but my favourite part happened 6 days after my surgery. On March 5, 2017, I was released from the hospital. My surgeon was very pleased because although I had a new, tiny stomach, it was all functioning normally enough to send me home. That day, a Sunday, was exactly 50 years to the day, another Sunday, when my 28 year old mother died in that same hospital of the same stomach cancer of which I was now free. My husband and I had communion and a small worship service in that tiny hospital room receiving the gift of the Year of Jubilee and the cancelling of all debts (and curses). Not only was I healed, but the generational curse was gone. My children and grandchildren are healed too! (Much to the shock of the genetists I saw, I don’t carry a genetic marker for this cancer.) How cool is that?!? How creative is God in bringing healing through creative ways. And also using a messenger angel to bring the news!!

  7. A number of yrs ago a guy who comes to my husband’s workplace lost a son in an avalanche while skiing with his fiancee. Ron (not his real name) was distraught and angry at God.The following night I was suddenly roused from a deep sleep sensing a presence at my bedside with an urgent message Pray for Ron! I breathed a quick 2 or 3 sentence prayer asking God to help Ron find Him in all of this and instantly dropped off to sleep again.the next morning Ron was at the shop again and told my husband he had a dream last night and God needed Tyson & Madeline in heaven to help care for the many children that died in the tsunami about a month before. (they both loved children) He now had peace in the midst of the grief. only then did I realize that probably it had been an angel who woke me with the message to pray. Isn’t it awesome how God works through our prayers!

  8. Praying – and especially worshipping God – in expectation of healing is so encouraging. Thank you for sharing such an amazing testimony!
    ‘… for I am the Lord, who heals you.’ (Exodus 15:26), one of my favourite verses.

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