What are you expecting at Christmas?

Dr. Grant MullenChurches and Leadership 4 Comments

We all have expectations

They can get very big at Christmas.
How do you feel when people don’t live up to your expectations?
What if God doesn’t meet your expectations?
Watch the video and learn how to handle that.

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  1. What a practical connection between our expectations/expectancy at Christmas and how I/we can do the same with our relationship with God. Thank you. Very helpful.

  2. Expectations…and expectancy…Those really are timely words to be considered! Thank you for hearing from the Lord regarding these and sharing them today. Somehow in the way that only our God can do it, I am confident that Christmas, 2020 will provide an opportunity for the Lord to reveal His heart to us. I sense that, like the on that first Christmas, the Lord is carefully orchestrating heaven’s “meanwhile”…

  3. Expectations and expectancy ….
    This is similar to what I learned in a recent Bible study about the difference between hope and expectation:
    Hope is what you think/believe will happen, and wish will happen soon – with flexibility as to how or when it will happen.
    Expectation is when you plan “It will happen” based on a rigid clinging to an unreal belief, or a high and demanding expectation. It is so rigid, we always respond negatively, become angry, then make an attempt to control, force or expectation, manipulate, bribe and shame. It does not let us accept what we do not want.
    Love is hope – it desires good for another, but gives them room to change over time. It is not limited to previous experiences. We can hope for more than what we know, for something better.
    Jesus is our Hope, the Light, the One who is the true Light, who gives light to everyone, who came into the world. (John 1:9) He helps us to live in expectancy and hope that He is in control, loves us, and will walk beside us as we lean on Him in faith.
    The gospel as He portrayed at Christmas when He came as baby, revealing God, and at Easter when He died for our sins, rising victoriously over sin, death and hell, gives us HOPE! Hallelujah!

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