What is God telling you in this season?

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What season are you in?

The weather where you live has seasons.

And there are seasons in our lives too.

Some seasons are joyous times of celebration.

Others aren’t.

In every season of your life you need to ask God this question.

Click on the video and Kathy will explain.

What has God told you in difficult seasons?  Just leave your testimony in the box below. It will encourage someone.

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  1. I am in a transition season. I am working in a job and field that I don’t really want to be in. It’s the wrong fit and I dread it and feel like I am burning out. The constant stress, negativity, and tragedy. I am just tired.But I grateful for an income. I thank God I can still help people at my job. Being in a environment of emergencies has mad me more resilient. But what gives me hope and joy is writing. Without God and writing I don’t know what I would do. I write words of encouragement and screenplays. I feel God is leading me there. I may not see it right now. I don’t know when things will change. I just hope to write for the glory of God one day.

  2. This Christmas was very different for me. I’ve been separated from my wife and children. I had hoped and worked for reconciliation but after 23 years my wife informs me before Christmas she is filing for divorce. To add to my discomfort my two adult children were unable to visit me over Christmas. When plans with them fell through on Christmas Eve I found myself alone in my apartment. Because I was sick i was unable to make my Church Service. It was then that I believe the Lord spoke to me. What He said blew my mind, I guess you could call it an epiphany. What he said was that Christmas was not about family but about Him. So I spent Christmas with Jesus this year. Best Christmas season ever.
    I see now that my family Christmas traditions were baggage keeping me from seeing and celebrating who Jesus really is. I’ll keep Christmas closer to my heart now, Jesus closer to my heart now.

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  4. I know that in this season of my life that God is desiring to show me what it means to have a ministry of reconciliation, to bring Christ to the centre of broken relationships. It’s personal for me because after my first marriage broke down in 2007, it became an intense struggle for me as I was seperated from my two young sons. It continues to prove an ongoing battle due to various factors as my wife of 4 years and I try to balance our home life around my boys’ (now teenagers) issues and her own children who are now young adults. My father’s marriage of 30 years fell apart just over a year ago, as well as my wife losing her oldest daughter to suicide so there’s a lot of ice and snow under us at the moment that’s for sure!
    But God is revealing new things to us along the lines of breakthrough into blessings for each other, our children, our friends and even enemies. I’m sure only good will follow. Psalm 23 v 6. Blessings

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