Why are so many Christians bored?

Dr. Grant MullenChurches and Leadership 6 Comments

Is your Christian life boring?

Many Christians feel that faith is a Sunday ritual that has no impact on the rest of the week.

It’s just another system of rules for sin avoidance.

This is definitely not the relationship God wants with his children.

In this week’s video I’ll explain how to wake up your walk with God and begin a supernatural lifestyle.

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Comments 6

  1. Thank you for your videos! I also have “Jesus Calling” on my phone. I love it!
    This has transformed my devotional time, but I also have many scripture apps on my phone so I have verses pop up on my phone throughout the day. It lets me “pray without ceasing” & my mind is constantly stayed on Him!

  2. I have been listening to Daily Radio Bible on my iPad each day, going thro the Bible in a year with Hunter. His comments after are great. To “hear ” the word read is so much better than reading silently. Faith does come by hearing, right?

  3. If you are having issues to trusting Jesus to be Lord of your live, or have had a disappointing prayer life (many prayers go unanswered), I highly recommend the book Jesus Calling. It is written as a daily devotional, however it is much more than that. It is an instructional course on how to trust God, written by Jesus himself.

    I would start out reading it daily. When you find a page that has your name written all over it, fold that page over or mark it in some way. To get the full benefit of this instruction, you will need to read it, reread it, reread it, and reread it again, until you finding yourself living it. You can use the pages you have previously marked to see how much you have grown, each time you pass through them.

  4. I have just downloaded the app ‘Jesus Calling’. Lets make our relationship with God personal and FUN again!! I haven’t tried it out yet but I already know it is going to be the answer because it is Jesus talking straight to me!
    I believe God wants us to enjoy him and he knows how much we want that too. I believe God makes known to us the resources that will work for us individually.

  5. I have sampled Jesus Calling. It is a good intro to hearing His voice. My present practice is a sort of two-way Journaling as I read Scripture and practice listening to what comes to mind as His response to my words, checking to make sure what I “hear’ agrees with the written word. The last process comes after I write down what I hear in my mind.

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