Why do Christians fall?

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How can strong Christians fall into sin?

Have you been shocked and disillusioned by the moral failure of a Christian you respected?

We all have.

What were they thinking?!

So how is it possible that a person who upheld, defended or even taught God’s standards, can so easily break them?

Click on the video and I’ll explain how it happens and how it can be prevented.

To live a transformed life, you need to get rid of your emotional baggage.

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Don't keep carrying your baggage

Don’t keep carrying your baggage

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  1. Hi Doctor,

    Thank you for helping us realize how the enemy consistently and gradually tries to shake and destabilize our foundations.

    My old hurts and new ones are healed as a result of trusting our Lord Jesus and praying for those who hurt me, even when they are unrepentant and misstreating me, despite the good things I’ve done for them. Doing the Father’s will for me has also resulted in undeserved blessings; I am able to sleep peacefully, my body has been healed of arthritis and my spinal injury has been healed. There are days when I don’t do as He has asked and I have noticed a huge difference when I fail. Gradually I start to be attracted to worldly things all over again and so I repent I try again; getting rid of idols, daily rosary & mass, forgiving others in prayer and sharing the gospel with those who want to hear it.

    I think that what God wants from us isn’t really that complicated.
    What He wants for us is awesome. Taste and see that God is good!

    Thanks again Sir, and may God bless you.


  2. Dear Dr. Mullen,

    Thank you for addressing this very serious issue. You are the only Christian leader whom I have heard speak on this topic and offer reasons and solutions. Thank you again.


    Dr. MaryAnn Diorio

  3. So in a nut shell, emotional pain trumps head knowledge? If this is so, it explains so much. The Lord and I have worked through and so many issues in my life, but there are still those little ones that keep lingering. Now I know why. And I know what to do about it. Thanks Dr. Mullen. Honesty trumps the enemies lies every time! Keep up the good work!

    1. As someone who is currently doing the Free Your Mind course and has battled with fear this is sooo helpful as it helps remove the fear of failing in faith. ‘Work out your salvation with fear and trembling’ – I used to see ‘fear,’ now I see work, the work of removing one’s emotional baggage to disarm the enemy, stay true to the faith and complete the race. Thank you.

  4. That’s right Dana. So pounding a person with head knowledge won’t accomplish as much as if the same effort was put into emptying baggage. It’s baggage that keeps people from walking in victory.

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