Why was one book in the Bible left unfinished?

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The book of Acts was never finished

Why do you think that is?

It’s because the story hasn’t ended.

You have an essential part to play in it too!

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  1. I have seen many miracles in and through my life, or that I have witnessed. By miracles, I mean those occurrences that only God could have orchestrated: they could not, and would not have been able to happen if it weren’t for His doing. I have also received prayer and been healed on more than one occasion, but most notably when I was scheduled for surgery, went in for pre-op routine the morning after being prayed for, and learning that the surgery was no longer required because the situation had resolved ‘on its own’. From what I’ve heard, it seems the North American church is perhaps experiencing (and believing) the least amount of visible miracles like we read about in the book of Acts. Believers around the world, especially in more highly persecuted or less affluent cultures, see far more of God’s miraculous activity, than we reportedly do here. Could that be because we are more comfortable and therefore less truly dependent and desperate for God’s intervention and help? I think we ARE as needy of God’s help and involvement than any other place, but perhaps we’re distracted from that truth or just don’t realize how much we need God’s power, or how very real and available He is. It’s very interesting to consider that the book of Acts is continually expanding with the testimony of God’s power in people’s lives through the ages!

  2. Two weeks ago I was attending a Christian camp. A 21-year-old camp worker joined our evening meeting about healing. He stuttered badly. Three of us prayed for him to stop stuttering and he did. He was an hour away from home. I told the young man to phone his friends back home and see if they knew who they were talking to. Praise God.

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