coaching can unlock your potential

Feeling stuck?
Want to unlock your potential and reach personal goals?
Do you need some advice and encouragement?

There are lots of speed bumps along the transformation journey.

Some bumps are bigger than others and you may need help climbing over them.

God wants us to be transformed mentally, spiritually and emotionally. In each of these areas you may be experiencing struggles which are preventing you from enjoying the transformed life. Rather than become discouraged and quit, you just need some advice and encouragement to get you over the hurdles.

Would you like to meet with me online to discuss your own personal situation?

That’s why I have opened up a limited number of online or phone appointments each month for personal coaching.

When you join the personal coaching program, I will be available to give you specific advice in the areas where you are having the greatest struggles. The purpose of the sessions is to solve your problems, not teach you a course.

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I can help you in these specific areas as well:

  • Anger management, control and prevention
  • How to hear the voice of God
  • Questions about emotional, mental or spiritual health
  • How to overcome worry
  • How to assess your mood
  • How to understand psychiatry and work with a psychiatrist
  • How to know if you need mental health medications and how they work
  • Leadership issues
  • Vision and goal setting

We can meet online using Skype, FaceTime or by phone.

For counsellors, therapists, pastors

I’m available to help you with difficult client situations that you would like to discuss with me.

Be part of the personal coaching program

If you would like to accelerate your transformation journey contact me and I'll explain the details and costs.

I am looking forward to working with you.