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Discover Joy Weekend

This is a personal transformation, overnight experience. Can also be done in a church.

Marriage Unlimited Getaway

This is a weekend or five day resort experience for couples. Can also be done in a church.

Change How You Think

Churches can pick from the topics below to create an event.

Change How You Think Presentation Topics

These topics can be combined according to the needs and interests of the host church.
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How To Get Started

Three Steps to renew your mind and change how you think

How To Have A Healthy Mind

A Christian understanding of depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder

How To Unload Baggage

We all have emotional baggage. Don't carry it any longer

How To Win Spiritual Battles

You're in a battle. These spiritual weapons will bring victory

Additional Topics

The Power Of His Presence, The Power Of A Godly Imagination, The Profitable Servant

How to Get Started

How to Have a Healthy Mind

How to Unload Baggage

How to Win Spiritual Battles

Additional Topics

How to get started

Three Keys to Renew Your Mind
There are three parts to humans, spirit, soul and body. In each of these parts you can have a problem that interferes with how you think, feel and relate to others. To discover joy, you need to renew your mind and change how you think in all three parts. This session will introduce you to the three part model, explain the three steps to renewing your mind and remind you that Jesus is waiting to help with each step.

How to have a healthy mind

Your Moods Matter: What Christians should know about depression, anxiety and mood swings
Are depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder medical, spiritual or emotional problems?
Are they a result of a weak faith, sin or bad parenting?
Is the solution to have more faith, deliverance, counselling or medications?
What treatments are safe for Christians? 
There is a lot of confusion about the causes and treatments of mental health problems among Christians.
In this presentation you will discover the answers that remove all the mystery and confusion about mood disorders.

Fear, When Trust is Lost
Worry, fear and anxiety are the most common emotional and mental health problems that torment our minds. They can come from a physical cause like an anxiety disorder. A fearful childhood home would create fear filled emotional baggage. Spiritual attack can fill you with fear.
To overcome fear, we need to address any weaknesses that may be present in those three areas.
This presentation explains the three causes of fear and the resources God has given us to resist them.

Burnout, rekindle the flame
Ministry burnout is epidemic but people are too embarrassed to talk about it. Burnout erodes your enthusiasm and vision for ministry leadership. It makes you tired, bored, frustrated and angry.
In this presentation, you will learn the many causes and signs of burnout. You will also discover the steps to recover from burnout and prevent it from happening again.

How to unload baggage

Anger, taming your wild side
We all get angry. We’re born with it. But we are responsible for what we do with it. God has given us the tools to bring anger under control so it will no longer disrupt our lives and the lives of everyone around us. 
In this presentation you will learn the purpose of anger, what makes us angry and the different ways we express it. You will also learn how to use the tools God has given us to have victory over anger.

Forgiveness, the gateway to freedom by Kathy Mullen
Are you tired of living in the past, reliving in your mind all the ways you were hurt and offended? Would you like to be free of the anger and pain so you could get on with your life unhindered by memories? Has the root of bitterness grown into a large tree with ugly fruit?
They key to your freedom is forgiveness. No, it's not easy.  But it's worth it. No longer will you be chained to those memories. You will walk free and leave all the pain behind!
In this presentation, Kathy Mullen will explain what true forgiveness looks like and then 
lead you through the gateway of forgiveness into a new life of freedom.

Shame, Our Hidden Torment Part one and two
Have you ever felt like a loser? Then you know what shame feels like. Things happened and you started believing painful lies about yourself that kept putting you down. You are not alone. We've all struggled with shame at times.
Shame can cause lasting deep and painful emotional wounds. It makes us feel defective and not as good as everyone else.
But you don’t have to feel that way any longer! These presentations will explain how to tell if you've been damaged by shame and that Jesus came to take your sins AND your shame. You will learn how to give it to him and walk to freedom.
In Part One, you will learn how shame damages your personality and shapes your relationships.
In Part Two you will learn what a shame damaged family looks like and how it will shame each member so the behaviour gets passed onto the next generation.

Freedom from Codependency
Would you like to have great relationships? Would you like to be free from depending on others for your happiness? Would you like to feel better about yourself so you can have healthy, giving relationships?
Codependency happens when you are depending on another person to meet your emotional needs of meaning and significance. That creates an unhealthy, taking relationship. It is a result of painful past events which damaged your self esteem and confidence, causing you to need to lean on someone else for emotional support.
In this presentation you will learn how to tell if you’re codependent and then how God wants to set you free from unhealthy, taking, codependent relationships. Your relationships can be transformed into healthy, giving relationships when you take these steps. That’s what saved our marriage!

Finding Self Acceptance
How do you feel about yourself? Did you just come up with a long list of weaknesses and failures? If you did, then you may have a problem with self acceptance.
Most of us have the same problem. We don’t feel as good as other people because of our many defects, deficiencies and history of failures.
Self acceptance is such an important issue because if you can’t accept yourself, you won’t be able to accept anyone else. This is a huge block to healthy relationships with others and even with God.
The good news is that you don’t have to stay this way. Jesus is waiting to heal your heart and reveal your true identity. 
In this presentation you will uncover the lies that you’ve been believing since childhood that have caused you to reject yourself. Then you will experience the love of Jesus to reveal how he sees you and this will replace the lies with God’s truth about you. When you know who you really are in God’s eyes, then you can accept yourself.

Controlling Relationships
Do you feel that you are being controlled and manipulated by your most significant relationships? Would you like to have healthy relationships that aren’t smothering?
Controlling relationships develop when a person tries to force another to meet their emotional needs. That will always create tension and conflict.
With this presentation you will learn how to recognize when domination, manipulation and control are infiltrating a relationship. You will understand how these dysfunctional characteristics can damage marriage and family life. Then you will discover how to break free from controlling relationships and how to let go of people you have been trying to control.

Overcoming Rejection
God designed you to be in relationships. So naturally, you want to be accepted by family, friends and even God.
But relationships are easily broken. That can leave you with deep, painful scars of shame, worthlessness and rejection. The fear of being rejected again can make you isolated and withdrawn from other people. Why risk being rejected again?
You are not alone. Most people have felt rejected at some point in their lives.  They just bury their feelings and pretended they are fine.
In this presentation you will learn how to heal the root causes of rejection and remove the lies that  keep you feeling rejected to this day. You will discover how much Jesus loves and accepts you.

Our Will, A Testimony of Healing by Kathy Mullen
God has pre-planned a wonderful destiny for your life that he wants you to enjoy. But he needs an active participant to achieve those amazing goals.
Through the course of your life you’ve probably experienced many discouraging setbacks that have eroded your hopes and dreams for the future. Many times you’ve been tempted to give up even trying. Those are the frustrating experiences that lead to passivity.
Passivity will disable your will and rob you of the courage to step into God’s destiny for your life.
Kathy struggled with passivity for many years until we hit a crisis in our marriage. Then she had to come face to face with her broken will that was blocking our recovery.
In this presentation, Kathy explains how our marriage slid into a crisis and how through the healing of her will, our marriage was restored.

How to win spiritual battles

You Have Authority
The Bible says you have spiritual authority over dark forces. But do you often feel powerless, weak and insignificant? No one ever told me about spiritual conflict or the battle that is raging in the spirit world over each one of us. I was happily oblivious.
Everything changed on the day when a voice spoke out of my depressed patient during an interview and declared “Leave her alone she’s ours!” Every hair on my body stood on end and I didn’t know what to do. I had gone to church all my life but no one had prepared me for this.
I had to find answers. So I decided to learn everything I could about spiritual authority and how to use it. The more I learned, the more I realized how little most Christians know about the authority that each one of us has to successfully deal with spiritual interference.
In this presentation you’ll learn where your spiritual authority came from and how to use it. Victory is ours, we just have to learn how to walk in it.

Freedom Now! A Beginners Guide to Deliverance
Do you have habits or thought patterns that you don’t like but can’t get control of? Are you frustrated with your failed attempts to change your behavior and way of thinking?
You’re not alone. These problems are very common but everyone is ashamed to admit it. So they stay stuck.
There is a possible cause that most people don’t talk about…spiritual attack. In my clinic I saw first hand how my patients were being attacked. That’s how I learned about spiritual warfare.
The enemy loves to influence your thoughts and attack your mind. He knows that when he can influence your thoughts, he can steer your emotions and behavior. How long are you going to put up with it?
Only Jesus can set you free from spiritual attack and he's waiting to help you. He has given you spiritual weapons to defend yourself and break off spiritual chains. 
In this presentation you will hear how I was unexpectedly thrown into a spiritual battle. You will learn how to use your spiritual authority to set yourself free from spiritual attack.

The Power of Words
Words matter. They can build up or tear down, bless or curse. Your words have a direct impact on your own life and on those you are speaking to.
Your life and personality has been shaped by the words of others, especially in childhood.
So how can you be healed from the curses spoken against you and be a person who both releases and receives blessings with your words?
In this video, you will learn how to use your spiritual authority to break free of curses, release blessings and become an active player in the spiritual war that we are all in. 

Healing: A Physician’s View
Do you need healing? Do you know someone who does? Are you wondering if God still heals today like he did in the Bible?
I was a skeptic about the value or power of healing prayer until I began to see unexpected healings in people I prayed for. That completely changed my  perspective and now I regularly use healing prayer in all my  seminars.
Healing miracles were an essential part of Jesus’ ministry. He expects Christians like you, to continue this work of releasing healing to those who need it.
In this presentation you will learn that miracles still happen today. You will be able to join me in prayers for your healing.

Additional Topics

The Power Of His Presence
When you are in the presence of God there is no limit to what can happen. God’s presence releases the supernatural into your life and circumstances. You can have as much of his presence as you want. It will change every part of your life. So do you want more?
This presentation is usually done on Sundays and concludes with an invitation to welcome more of God's presence into your life.

The Power of a Godly Imagination by Kathy Mullen
Learn why God gave us the capacity to see things with our spirit and mind, and how we can use that ability the way God intended. This session will help you activate your spiritual eyes and ears so you can learn how to hear from God and talk to him in a more visual way. Your walk with God will be transformed and it will open the door to new levels of creativity.

The Profitable Servant, how walking with God is good for business
Can you be “called” to secular work? Are large profits Godly? Does God do business miracles? Can you use the “Five fold ministries” in business? How does the Holy Spirit give us a competitive advantage? How can God empower your strengths? This 1 or 2 part seminar will answer these questions and affirm the marketplace calling of Christian business people. You will learn how God wants to help you be more profitable.

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