I desire great relationships and an amazing marriage

I desire great relationships
and an amazing marriage

God wants you to have a great marriage

Marriage was God’s idea, he wants you to have a great one.
We can help you.

Would you like to have a great marriage?

Start with a marriage checkup by clicking on this video.
Are you overdue for a relationship checkup?

How do depression and mood disorders affect marriage?

Kathy and I had a marriage crisis.
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Kathy gives her perspective of what happened with us.
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How does your emotional baggage affect your marriage?
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When you master this habit, it will transform your marriage

Is it hard to get close to your spouse?
This could be damaging your marriage

This is the number one cause of marriage conflict

This key rescued our marriage

Come and join us at the next Marriage Unlimited event and take your marriage from good to great.
We do it in two formats, a weekend event and a five day retreat at an all inclusive Caribbean resort.
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I want great relationships

From all my years as a mental health physician, I know that relationships are one of the greatest sources of stress, anxiety and frustration. It’s because relationships are so important to us.
God made us that way! He is very relational and he wants us to have great relationships with each other and with him.
So the good news, is that he’s given us many tools to heal our hearts and restore our relationships.
Don’t stay stuck! Start using the tools listed here.

How to resist the attack on your relationships

Our emotional baggage disrupts relationships. Learn about it here:

If you can’t accept yourself, then you can’t accept anyone else.

What are the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships?

Forgiveness is essential in any relationship. It’s also a powerful spiritual weapon. Learn about it in these videos.

Discover the power of forgiveness!

How are your relationships at work?

What do I do next?

Personal coaching appointments are available where we can meet online or by phone. I will guide you through the healing process.

We have lots of resources to help your relationships.

Transform your relationships DVD set

Transform your Relationships – 4 DVDs & Workbook

In these 4 DVDs, Kathy and I explain the keys to relationship transformation that restored our marriage.

Emotionally Free – This book shows you how to assess the way you think, feel and relate to others. As your emotional baggage is healed, your relationships will be transformed.

Emotionally Free