I need relief from anxiety, depression, or mood swings

I need relief from anxiety,
depression, or mood swings

Am I Normal? Self Assessment Guides:

Are you struggling with depression, anxiety or mood swings?
Is it hard to shut your mind off and concentrate?
Are you embarrassed to be feeling this way when you are a Christian?
Then you’ve come to the right place.
We have answers to many of your questions.

Depression Information

Anxiety Information

What do I do Next?

We have lots of resources to help you assess yourself for depression, anxiety or mood swings.

First do the self assessment checklists which you can even take to your doctor. See Am I Normal at the top of this page.

Visit this page to see answers to the most common questions I've been asked about Christian mental health.

Personal coaching appointments are available where we can meet online or by phone. I will answer your questions about mood disorders and explain the recovery process.

Emotionally Free – The first third of the book explains the nature and treatment of mood disorders from a Christian perspective and includes the symptom checklists for self assessment. The rest of the book helps you overcome emotional baggage and spiritual attack.

Transform your Mind 4 DVDs & Workbook

For personal or group study
In these four DVDs you will learn a Christian understanding of chemical imbalance mood disorders and how to integrate psychiatry with inner healing counselling and deliverance ministries.
You will learn how to assess yourself and how to know if you should go for help.
 Click on the image above for more information and to order.