I want to win spiritual battles

I want to win spiritual battles

There is a battle for our minds

Would you like your mind to be filled with Godly, loving, hopeful and encouraging thoughts?
Do you wonder why it’s so hard to keep your mind on good things?
Does it frustrate you that your thoughts often sink into negativity, pessimism, anger, jealousy and revenge?
Do you think that God gets disappointed with you when your thoughts go dark?
It’s because there’s a battle going on for your mind.
In my mental health clinic I watched this battle unfold with every client.
There are invisible forces at work wanting to be the dominant influence on your thoughts because whoever wins that battle, has the greatest influence on your actions.
The battle is between God and the dark side. You decide who wins.
The good news is that God has given us many spiritual weapons to defeat the darkness and win the battle for our minds.
When we win that battle, our minds can become peaceful and it’s easy to think God’s thoughts about others, ourselves and our circumstances.
Don’t give up and lose the battle. Start your march to victory by clicking on the links below.

If you want victory,
view this video.

What is spiritual warfare?

What is spiritual warfare?

God has given us powerful weapons to use in the invisible war that’s going on over our heads.

Here’s more on spiritual weapons.

Are you using your spiritual weapons?

What do I do next?

Personal coaching appointments are available where we can meet online or by phone. I will guide you teach you how to do battle.

We have three DVDs to help you win spiritual battles.

You Have Authority
Freedom Now
The Power of Words

Emotionally Free – This book shows you how to assess the way you think, feel and relate to others. As your emotional baggage is healed, your relationships will be transformed.