Do you ever feel like a loser?

Dr. Grant MullenI am significant 5 Comments

We’ve all felt like losers at some point

It’s a terrible feeling.

And a devastating insult.

Why does it hurt so bad?

Where does it come from?

What does God have to say about it?

Click on the video and correct your perspective.

To live a transformed life, you need to realize who you really are.

Now I want to hear from you

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Comments 5

  1. That message was greatly instructional and practical for me. I needed to be explained to how to deal with my mind. Thank you.

  2. I can relate to this condition as a loser. At a very young age I felt shame . carried it through my life. but as I walk with the Lord on this rough emotional road I have come to some awareness. Lately , I have been feeling moments of anger , its usually set off by injustices like being treated unkind or rude by a store clerk or at the drive through at a local hamburger resturant when they push the food out the window and I’m trying to get the money out of my pocket. I don’t like being rushed like that. I talk with the doctors office phone person and they talk to me as if I were 12 years old . Years ago I would have agreed with them , that I wasn,t worth the time but not now. I am working on this condition and try not to let the anger control my reactions to these encounters. I read that the anger is a flag to injustice. Years ago I wouldn’t let it bother me but I believe the Lord wants me to process it. To open up the real estate in my mind , to give me a better feeling about Him and myself. Rich

  3. Excellent information and truths from the Word of God..thanks Dr Grant..With the help of christian counseling and renewing my mind with God’s Word, I realised that I’m not a loser or a failure like I though I was. Both my parents dumped a lot of their guilt and shame on me, and shame made me feel as if something was wrong with me as a person.I have had to forgive both parents for shaming me most of my life and renounce the lies that I believed about myself.It’s a process and it takes time, but gradually I’m starting to see myself the way He sees me, as precious and special and unique..I also had to renounce the lies that my Heavenly Father would shame me because I’ve come to realise He is not anything like my earthly parents,,what a relief it was to find out He is just the opposite of what my parents were like..God Bless..Glory..

  4. Always enjoy your uplifting videos. God has been slowly but surely shown me through His love that I am not a loser.

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