Here’s how God can change the way you think

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Are you frustrated with your attitudes and reactions?

They are a reflection of your personality.
Your personality can change but only with God’s help.
And he can’t wait to help you become more like Jesus.
Watch the video and learn how it can happen to you.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God changed you?  Just leave your story in the box below. It will encourage many.

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Comments 4

  1. God has healed me by doing a lot of counselling — mentally , emotionally and spiritually. Four months of Christian counselling healed me of deeply rooted shame — I highly recommend it when you get stuck in your healing. I also had a phone consultation with Dr. Mullen who recommended Freedom in Christ Ministries which I did as well for spiritual battles. The work continues — I have ordered Soul Surgeon by Cheryl Shea. Also I am really overcoming a deep shyness
    And extending myself to others. Thank you ,Dr. Mullen , for all your work. God bless, Ruth Taylor

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  3. Thank Dr. Grant for this teaching on renewal of our lives by allowing our heavenly Father help us go through the process of change in our attitudes. Our faith is always forever strengthened by obeying Jesus’ teachings to His glory. Only God can heal us all individually according to our needs and I am awed by His intimate knowledge of me…and He does know me more than I know myself. I trust Him more than ever in following His lead through the Holy Spirit’s guiding according to the Scriptures. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. Dr. Grant and Kathy – Thank you for being God’s instruments of healing. What a blessing you both are to the Body of Christ.

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