How to change the narrator in your head

Dr. Grant MullenI am significant 8 Comments

Do you talk to yourself?

I know you do, we all do.

Your self talk is the narrator of your life story.

This narration has a huge impact on your life.

It’s important then to know who you’re listening to.

Click on the video and change the narrator.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you been able to change the narrator in your head? Just leave your testimony in the box below that will encourage someone.

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Comments 8

  1. In the past several years as God has been healing my self-talk, I am much kinder and more patient with myself, I enjoy life more, I’m more peaceful, and I also have a lot more genuine compassion for others.

  2. Wow- God is so good!
    I have been going through ‘stuff’ lately and really struggling with the words in my head and the sequelae of the thoughts I do listen to- good or ugly.
    I have been trying to get Jesus’ perspective on this situation as I (we all) too often fall into Satan’s lies!!
    This video is exactly what God knew that I needed -a confirmation that I am seeking the correct voice and not all the other lies I’m being told.
    Thank you Dr Mullen!
    Keep it up/ please don’t stop this!
    You are a great help!

  3. i appreciate you and Kathy….. please continue your ministries, there’s a lot of hurting(emotionally) brethren out there

  4. I listened several times to Kathy’s message on forgiveness. Different parts of the message revealed lies I believed. The shame and guilt I thought was dealt with I am now set free. My spiritual eyes and ears have been opened to the truth of the extent of what Jesus did to set me free. Kathy spoke about things done to someone that the other person(s) didn’t have enough respect for me as an individual just jumped out at me. I was feeling so much shame that I was not good enough for anything and this was weighing me down. I understand how I was on bondage to that. I know I am set free from that. Jesus finished work on the cross is solo much more powerful. Thank you Jesus!!

  5. you say that the dark side thoughts that come to us are actually negative thoughts that come from our past woundings…..I agree

    with that but how does one deal with past woundings in order to stop the negative thought and voices….getting healed to me is the answer

    like dealing with the source and that will stop the bad thoughts…blessings…bob

  6. Post
  7. A long time ago when I left ministry for the first time, I thought I was a failure. A friend challenged me and said, “That’s Satan talking!” Isn’t it good, Grant, that friends can help us to change that “Narrator” in our heads, so that we can think good thoughts?

  8. I’ve hurt many people.
    Walked many crooked paths.
    Committed many sins.
    Without even looking.
    And for my penance.
    I have been given…
    my shredded life.

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