No, I’m not sick

I felt loved

So many of you emailed or spoke to Kathy privately to ask if I had been sick.

Yes, I lost 33 lbs.

But it was my choice.

I’m not sick.

Click on the video and I’ll tell you how I did it, then I’ll explain a supernatural way to accelerate your weight control.

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2 comments on “No, I’m not sick


    SUPER HILARIOUS Grant!!! “The Stomach Driven Life” you mentioned sounds a bit like my testimony, as of late.😂 Has any of your clients been dealing with the emotional baggage of “envy” or “jealousy” within the last 9 months? 😂

  2. Morven on

    Kathy and Grant. You two make my day…and now much smiling …….
    And so it looked , first time I saw the skinny face, having known you in this format, smiley and well by no means chunky, for many years desperate disease was maybe overtaking you, perhaps even about to, finish you off…
    And lo and behold , it’s been pro health slimming and trimming…..skim milk punishment, daily 6:00am padding ( jogging) together to your gym., then skim milk with your sugar free cereal (small child’s helping)
    Perhaps you can discern jealousy (!). Congratulations .
    A thought, it’s known that it’s not easy for the girls to “ keep it off”. Any hints from Kathy about that? And to about no more cursing ..yikes.


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