This is how to get unstuck

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God gave us a will

It gives us the ability to choose, act and create.
But it’s fragile and can be easily broken.
And that will leave you stuck.
God doesn’t want you to stay that way.
Watch the video and Kathy will explain how to get your will back.

Now I want to hear from you

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Comments 4

  1. Activate my will…I never heard this the way you tell it. I go back to my boyhood days and remember the turmoil I was going through and this teaching just what I need to move forward in a continuing journey to living the life that was meant to be lived according to our Father’s will. Thank

    Thank you.

  2. So great to hear from you Kathy. Your video on getting unstuck is thought provoking and encourages us to look to the Lord for healing in these areas of being stuck. Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you again.

  3. I have been stuck my entire life. After decades of counseling (mostly Christian) I am losing hope after trying dozens of healing modalities. I have never heard of this concept that my will was/is broken, so maybe this is my problem. I am so tired of failure my whole life. It seems like God helps everyone except for me.

  4. Thank you this is very encouraging and helpful . I have had trouble making decisions after the loss of my daughter and my marriage . But kept moving forward no matter what . Also my son has been stuck and this will also help him heal . Thank you Jesus is so faithful to know what we need everyday ?

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