You can change your story

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What's your story?

We all have a story of our lives to this point. We usually assume the future will just be a continuation of the same story.
But if you’re a Christian, that’s no longer true.
Click on the video and write a new chapter.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God changed your story? Just leave your story in the box below. It will encourage many.

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Comments 8

  1. Thank you Kathy and I have always been saying we all have a story. And yes, maybe we can change the story as we move forward.
    God is changing stories every day, including mine.
    BTW, the wind interfered with your sound on your video.
    Regards and thank you for all the blessings we receive from our God via yours and Grant’s work.

  2. I do see my story changing. It is 8 years since my mother died. I see her in an increasingly healthier light as I grow in the Lord and age.
    She was a wonderful mom in many ways. I now have more understanding of the challenges of her childhood and how those issues did not get resolved. I am deeply grateful for the renewing of my mind as stated in scripture. Thank you, Ruth

  3. Thank you so much for your teachings….I find them helpful…I grew up in a controlled environment…a religious a sense. I left 30 years ago for various reasons. Through God’s grace and mercy I have found healing in various areas of my life. I feel more free to be me. Not so prone to listen to lies about my sinful nature…shame and guilt no longer holding me captive…I found my voice…that for years was silenced…from a Hutterite Girl to a minister..A big no no in the culture I grew up in….God is good? God is LOVE! Full of GREATNESS…

  4. Thank you Kathy.
    I see how God has so graciously changed my story in the past. I m just currently going through a situation where I feel my belief in His changed path for me was challenged/threatened. Yet, i also hear Him reassure me and give me hope and joy that nothing can hinder His good plans. May He be glorified in our stories of His faithfulness.

  5. Thank you for your teachings, gambling pornography drug and alcohol addictions have encompassed me for much of my life. It wasn’t till I surrendered all to Him,that my story led me to recovery as well as a closer walk with my Lord and saviour. To Him may we give the praise and glory for His many blessings! Brian.

  6. Thank you Grant & Kathy for your testimony & faithful blogs. I went to see you in Auckland, NZ, about 2008. We walked into the
    hall & I said to myself ,”he’s talking my language”. Since then I’ve enjoyed your books, CD’s DVD’s & blogs. God bless you both
    you’ve helped me no-end .
    Many blessings, Arthur Brown

  7. I too believe in the reality and significance of our stories. Thanks for your encouraging and inspiring message. The whole work of God in creation is the story of His love . We need to understand that we are all part of that story in spite of the difficulties and disappointments we experience. Early in my 60’s I lost my wife and best friend to cancer. The loss has been excruciating but my story continues. The Lord has brought a wonderful new relationship to me…. different for sure but an amazing new experience. This is my opportunity to write the next chapter of my story that includes my new gal our extended families.

  8. love this message- so important to remember that His story for our lives is still being written- that our destiny and future is in Him- Our lives are hidden in Him– His ways are higher than our ways- what a comforting word and invitation to call out before the Lord for His vision, His plan- working to be in step with His heart for us- hearing from Him and eyes and heart open for all He has for us- when we lift up our eyes to Him.

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