Are you afraid to step out in faith?

Fear can be paralyzing

It can immobilize you through intimidation.

Your faith can melt away in the face of circumstances.

But you don’t have to stay stuck.

There is a way forward.

Click on the video and Kathy will explain what God just showed us.

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4 comments on “Are you afraid to step out in faith?

  1. MOSES ( Toronto ) on

    That’s a great example of exercising faith! I’m reminded of a similar scenario the Isrealites faced when they crossed the Jordan. The water didn’t split until their toes got wet…(Joshua 3:9-17) When exercising faith, it helps to remove your socks….😁

  2. Jim calkins on

    In 1994 a month befor getting married The Lord showed me an issue that on the surface had three spirits; death, fear and Hades. I withdrew and would not deal with it. 15 years later I took my first tenitive steps to deal with the sexual abuse I suffered from at age five. 8 years later I’m getting at the core issues and receiving the healing I need from this hurtful issue in my life. Unfortunately it’s too late to save my marriage for my wife is no longer interested in reconciliation and has filed for divorce.

    • Dr. Grant Mullen on

      Thanks for sharing Jim. I’m glad you are getting the healing your deserve. I’m so sorry it wasn’t in time to save your marriage.

  3. Michele Najab on

    Most fear is a lie about the future (except those that keep you safe). There is no truth in those fear-filled thoughts, the « what if’s ». They keep you from experiencing life at its fullest. Stepping out even a few steps reassures you that God is in control and is with you. I was a VERY fearful person but God has restored me over and over and stepping out has filled me with wonderful experiences and helped me to grow in faith .


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