Don’t let these steal your joy

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You were made for joy!

God wants to share his joy with you, that’s why Jesus came.
But there are joy stealers lurking around you trying to steal your joy.
You need to recognize them and protect yourself so you can live in joy.
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  1. I always enjoy watching your videos. Satan is always attacking my mind telling me my prayers will never be answered

  2. When the devil attacks me, I put on praise music and sing along. He hates that and leaves. Praise God !!! Thank you, Dr. Mullen for all that you have taught me and I have your book Emotionally Free. I look so forward to you and Cathy’s weekly message. God bless you for caring about me. With love in Christ, Isobel

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  3. Thanks so much- these reminders are good to prevent me wandering off back into negativity.
    The best things I can do are exercise and fresh air and also to pray and give ‘stuff’ over to God as soon as it happens. I used to cogitate on issues but have short circuited by going to God more quickly.My peace is restored and I do not spiral back into overthinking ‘poop’.
    Its a life long discipline.

  4. Thanks for reminding us that we’re made for joy. Praise God that I’m joyful when I listen to you both, because it reminds me of how great it is to be focusing on God. Thanks for reminding us that God is waiting to help us and to make us emotionally free. God bless you both for being there for us. I appreciate you very much. ?

  5. Thank you so much for your ever timely message, Dr. Mullen. I have had joy stolen trying to manage part time work and raising small children aged 1 and 3 together with my husband. God has been gracious to me despite not being able to attend church in the past three years. As the children grow and circumstances around us change, we are challenged to seek God’s kingdom together as a family. We bear each others burdens and we share our joys. May He continue to bless your ministry that makes us aware of the joy awaiting everyone who persists in trails because of Christ.

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