Don’t let these steal your joy

Dr. Grant MullenLive fearlessly 2 Comments

You were made for joy!

God wants to share his joy with you, that’s why Jesus came.
But there are joy stealers lurking around you trying to steal your joy.
You need to recognize them and protect yourself so you can live in joy.
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Now I want to hear from you

What steps have you taken to recovery your joy? Just leave your testimony in the box below. It will encourage many.

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Comments 2

  1. Hi Grant,
    Thank you for this teaching.
    I have had a journey from depression & trauma to emotional healing and restoring my joy.
    I experinced abuse & trauma as a child & God has lead me to healing.
    I have depression & are on anti-depeessants which help enormously. I’ve had some years of counselling which has really helped to heal & set me free & restore wholeness, I’ve also had freedom prayer-deliverance from demonic oppression. I’m so thankful for what God has done in me -I feel like a new person & have a joy & peace I never thought would ever be possible for me-so thankful.

  2. Dear Dr. Mullen,
    I experienced very poor emotional communication with family as a child. I was not raised Christian. As an adult I was diagnosed dyslexic and that started the road to recovery. It was a long process. I became a Christian and at age 72 did Christian counselling. I have read Emotionally Free a number of times and done Freedom in Christ workbook too. I had a Christian mentor for 20 years as well. Today I live without nagging shame and guilt that i had for years. The improvements in my life have been so deeply appreciated.

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