He escaped the Cambodian genocide!

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Can the scars of trauma ever be healed?

Is it possible to recover from PTSD?
Is it possible to forgive the unforgivable?
This week I want you to meet Reaksa Himm.
He witnessed and escaped from the mass murder of his family after being warned in advance by a stranger who sounds like an angel in human form.
A God he didn’t know led him to safety and eventually to Canada as a refugee where he met Jesus and began a life of ministry.
He was able to later forgive the murderers in person (!) and walk through the steps to healing from PTSD using Psalm 23.

This is a clip from a 1 hour interview that is available in the trauma course of the Free Your Mind online personal transformation program.
Watch the video and hear the beginning of a very powerful story.

If you’d like to see the full interview, come join us in Free Your Mind, our personal healing and transformation program. You can learn more about it using the links below this video.

Reaksa Himm has written three books describing his experiences and how God both delivered and healed him.
You can order the books directly from him in Toronto.
His web site is: https://www.theshepherdofmysoul.com
Email:  [email protected]

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  1. WONderful tidbit shared. Those of us with other-cultural backgrounds in countries where Fear is Ruler and Want-Need Compliance demanded or else, easily relate. It stirs our own memory brain files and healing journeys. And prods yet more prayer for The North American who has grown up in such soft, have-everything, do-anything-I-like ways … to learn what is essential for wise living, free from the insecurity-need to fit in with trend, cultural “relevance”. To endure well, free from the fear of death, of persecution, mockery, loss of goods under oppressive overlords. To understand how quickly freedom can be robbed, abused, when vigilance, personal responsibility, and strong knees In The Lord are overruled by want of convenience, fleeting world-granted prestige, position, or power.

    Grant and Kathy, THANK You for your ongoing work toward seeing folks freed from That Which Encumbers, sucks life-flow and honest living. God continue to lead, inspire, and strengthen you in His Ways.

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