Here’s how to have David’s courage

Dr. Grant MullenLive fearlessly 4 Comments

Israel was paralyzed by fear

Goliath was very intimidating.

They were sure he would kill them.

David saw the situation differently.

And that determined the outcome of the battle.

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  1. I had just read in my daily bible reading the story of David facing Goliath, when I got a call from the hospital that my mom, in her very weakened state after several heart events, was having yet another crisis with tachycardia (heart racing). She’d already coded twice and suffered a massive heart attack. She had requested no more life saving intervention. It would have been easy to default to looking fearfully at the fragile house of cards which was her physical state… but in prayer after reading about David, I was able in the strength and wisdom of the Holy Spirit, to pray and acknowledge that in spite of all the giant sized enemies facing my mom, God had rescued her repeatedly; God ~ Jesus, her saviour (whom she’d encountered miraculously through all this trouble) ~ could fight for her even in another crisis. Just when it seemed her heart could not endure racing any longer, it settled. The next day she got a pacemaker and began the recovery process, and was baptized (at 81), six months later when she was strong enough. Praise God!!

  2. Thank you Dr. Mullen. Great reminder on how to specifically reflect, write, get courage and ask God the right questions about a “giant” situation.
    Facing scary health issues for months and trying to find reverse/recovery path.

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