Here’s how to overcome your second greatest fear

Dr. Grant MullenLive fearlessly 8 Comments

God gave us the ability to be afraid

It was so we would avoid danger and our species could survive.

But your enemy has used fear to disable you covertly from the inside.

This fear is the most paralyzing of them all.

And you don’t have to put up with it!

Click on the video to uncover his schemes and win this battle.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you dealt with the fear of vulnerability?  Just leave your testimony in the box below. It will encourage someone.

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    1. This is absolutely fantastic, I am also reading about the vulnerablity fear subject from Brene Brown researcher and this is the key to wholehearted living. You rock, I love to see you and see sea.
      I love to hear about these critical emotional feelings to understand and expose to become whole!

  1. I used to wear masks all the time and I use to be whatever others wanted me to be. Then I did the study Who Am I in Christ and googled pictures to go with the verses. This made it more visual to me. I looked at these pages and read them aloud every day until it got into my soul and I believed that I was seeing and reading. When I realized who I was in Christ, I no longer felt the need for masks. I embraced who I was and lived my true self. It was liberating. I finally learned to like myself. And in so doing God started doing such a work in me of transformation that he now uses me to help others. He has healed my past, my past wounds etc. Oh what a God we serve.

  2. I believe that some of the masks we wear are part of social survival and are part of the world we live in BUT I believe thanks to the Fathers love I can now identify when I’m wearing them out of fear instead of just social functioning 🙂 I can’t believe as a Christian I still spent so many years filled with fears and worries. When I really began to get more revelation of just how loving our Heavenly Father is and just how Christ demonstrates the fullness of this life through the Spirit, it put me on a trajectory to have a far more enjoyable life! I still have a ways to go but I feel more real more often now and without as much shame and pain!

  3. I’m curious how being vulnerable compares with having emotional boundaries, say in a group setting. A couple of months ago I was very vulnerable in my small group about my struggles. I was at the point of tears. This was both a healing experience and a frustrating one. Some members of my group were wonderful while others decided I was a problem they needed to fix and they had the answers to everything in my life, giving instructions that were unhelpful and even hurtful. I no longer feel safe to be vulnerable with these members. How would you suggest I overcome this now in my small group?

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    Jackie: You have to carefully choose who you are being vulnerable with. With your small group you have to be cautious what you share.

  5. Thank you Grant for such a timely video .. this insight is transformational 🙂 En-couragers are indeed “givers of courage”. Thank you for your courage to address the difficult issues of life in such a humble and well thought-out way. Love the care taken also by the camera operator to provide such a visually pleasing presentation no matter where you are in the World or what Season. Appreciate the time and effort taken from busy schedules to find a suitable filming location, film, edit and send weekly messages of hope and encouragement.

    Blessings to you Grant and Kathy 🙂

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