Here’s what to do when you’re facing a mountain

Dr. Grant MullenLive fearlessly 3 Comments

Are you facing a mountain?

Do you feel overwhelmed with fear, anger or frustration?
We all feel that way at times and it’s so painful.
But you don’t have to stay that way.
There’s a more effective way to face your mountains.
Click on the video and learn the five steps to staying calm.

Now I want to hear from you

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  1. This is all so true Biblically and I tried this in a true crisis a two weeks ago. The answer from the Lord was slow in coming, but I could practice emotional self-regulation while I waited…and waited…and waited. The answer finally came in a dream and was simple and profound (in dream I was going down a one-way road in the wrong direction!). I am still thankful for the clarity in the dream. Thank you, Grant, for your wisdom and commitment to us all.

  2. Wow so true.
    We get our eyes off God and then we get lost. So easy to be distracted. Like a child who stops holding Daddy’s hand to chase after some distraction, we need to grab his hand again and focus on him. Then nothing else truly matters!
    Thank you for reminding me that when the storm is swirling all around me, I need to take shelter under the cover of his wings.

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