Here’s what’s really going on between your ears

Dr. Grant MullenLive fearlessly 2 Comments

What are you thinking right now?

Where are those thoughts coming from?

There’s a competition for your attention.

It’s a battle for your mind.

And you decide who wins.

Click on the video and secure your victory.


Click here for a video where Kathy and I demonstrate the battle between soul and spirit.
Now I want to hear from you

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  1. I believed and accepted these lies and performed poorly in school. After I was born again, the Lord sent godly people in my life who encouraged me so much. I recieved messages that I was strong, very intelligent and preserving. The exact opposite of what I was told. I began to accept God’s words, and I am finally healing. My family has not changed their perception of me. No matter what I have accomplished in life they seize opportunities to speak lies over me till this day. I’ve learned to accept what God says, and not try to change their minds about me. The truth stands regardless of what they choose to believe. I pray for them and keep godly people close

  2. Thankyou for explaining this so simply and beautifully. I think trying to recognize God’s voice is sometimes very difficult.

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