It’s time to check under the hood

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Preventive maintenance keeps you running smoothly

This is as true for your mind as it is for your car.

To keep your car running smoothly you need to get under the hood and maintain it.

To keep your mind and spirit in top condition you need to get under that hood too. Regular preventive maintenance of your thoughts can keep you healthy emotionally and spiritually.

We are all familiar with how to check a car, but how do you check under the hood of your thoughts?

In this video I’ll show you how to lift the hood on your mind and give your thoughts a tuneup.
To live a transformed life you’ve got to continuously renew your mind and be aware of how you think.

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Now I want to hear from you

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  1. Great great analogy with the ‘under the hood’ check list.
    It helps so much in grasping the necessity of our thought life.
    how do I do it? I literally struggle in prayer and holding on to what The Word of God teaches us. I will ‘get it’ for a while but at the first storm it feels I’m back to square one. The only tune up I can do on my own is enough to get from A to B.
    I want to live a transformed life and I look forward to your personal coaching.

  2. Hi Dr Mullen,

    Thanks for the video – helpful as always. How do I “check under my hood”?

    A few years ago, with professional assistance in its development, I have a list that identifies what I’m like when everything is fine, when I’m out of sorts, and what I can do to get back to fine. It’s called a personal crisis plan. When I (or my husband) notice something is off, I invoke the crisis plan. My faith is central to coping. Even though I was a practicing Christian before my crisis plan was developed, I was scattered and emotionally all over the place. Praying and taking it to the Lord was often not my first response. Today, even the simplest prayer “Help me Jesus”, gets me going in the right direction to inner peace and wellness again. My personal crisis plan reminds me to do that.

    As well, my husband and I have a family crisis plan also developed with professional assistance, which basically defines our healthy boundaries, and what to do if someone is trying to cross our boundaries. It’s especially helpful when you’ve got dysfunctional or unwell people in your relationship circle which we do. We’ve had to use this several times in the past few years since this plan was developed. Sometimes we just have to stand our ground on saying no, which can be stressful, but then it is time to invoke the personal crisis plan if stress symptoms start to overtake wellness.

    The professional help we got was the answer to prayer at the time we were in a major crisis. Since then, we’ve used our plans to avert major crises, and to recognize that another person’s crisis is not our crisis – even if that person is a loved one, to not feed another person’s greed, carelessness and so forth, and to know what we will and will not do to help and refer our loved ones to professionals when the help needed is beyond our boundaries. Again our faith is central to our coping and to how much help and support we will give to a family member or friend. We recognize that other people have to grow too, and if we are enablers, that is not going to happen.

    Then of course as stuff happens, my husband and I cast our cares on the Lord, and trust Him to work it out. My husband is better at staying at peace than I am but I am rapidly learning with God’s help – and lots of practice at invoking my personal crisis plan!

    I think your Personal Coaching offer is an excellent one for people who don’t have an idea of how to recognize problems in themselves before a major crisis happens, and to give them some direction in how to cope when things are not 100%….and to learn how to rely on Jesus during the difficult times that He told us would happen in this life!

    Thank you again for what you do and for responding to God’s call on your life.

    Nancy Connolly-Hendriks

  3. Hi Dr. Mullen,

    I always look forward to your videos as they get the point across so clearly, and with humour. You are hilarious!

    This was very timely for me as I’ve been stuck at home for two days because my car battery died from the extreme cold we’ve had. Needs a jumpstart. Yep, food for thought.


  4. Dr Mullen HI, I dont want to sound like I have all answers but because of heartbreak and disillusionment and feeling very much unloveable the follow ing is some of what I have found. .My maintance is community to keep encourage and help me, emersion in the word that I am able to know what our Fathers will is for my life , journaling helps me organize my thoughts fears hopes etc… involvement in a small group gives me family and accountability,working in the church and in the public gives me contact with others that I can share Jesus, and prayer, close communion with God, worship , conffession intersession and at times just silently beingwith God waiting for him to lead and direct. I find when I begin to miss and with draw I end up off kilter and can reach out for help before things go wonky, out of control. I struggle but somehow MY Father soothes me and calms me and turns me back to him. I know this sous kindo airy fairy but God does the work if I let him to not struggle and to not fight but rest sometimes is exactly what he wants me to do.

  5. Hi Dr. Grant Mullen,
    That was a very good message on looking under the hood of your car, it is very well done with humour as well.

    I have to admit that lately I am having examine on how I think, how I talk to people even my husband, I do get it wrong at times, but that is they only way we can learn to say sorry and try and keep in mind how you speak out, Tuesday evening when Chris came back from helping his Mum and had bought things that we had not planned on, I had to stop and try and calm down without overeacting as I would normally do, Chris was trying to help as prices were on special, I did overeact a bit on one item, but managed to overcome it, and had to explain that perhaps it was not a good idea to get the big container of stir fry which had to be used straight away, Spending time with God and His Word, also helps me,

    With All God’s Blessings on you for all your grand thoughts and ideas


  6. Too bad I can’t drop my mind off at the garage to have a mechanic work on it while I choose an activity requiring the “least amount of resistance”…. ?
    Great message!

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