It’s time to get your peace back!

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What happened to your peace of mind?

Have you noticed yourself getting bored, frustrated, irritable, discouraged and anxious, all on the same day? Do you beat yourself up because as a Christian, you should be walking in joyful victory all the time? Do you wonder if God is disappointed with you?

If you’ve been struggling with this kind of inner turmoil, we want to invite you to the FREE, Peace of Mind Intensive that we are teaching November 9-13.

Wouldn’t it be great to be happy, relaxed and confident, no longer struggling with feelings, moods and thoughts, even in the face of the pandemic? But how can you get there?

The Intensive contains four videos that will walk you through the essential steps to restore your peace of mind. It’s not theory. These are the steps we’ve walked so many people through that really work.

Imagine how much better every part of your life will be when there’s peace between your ears. It will transform your moods, attitudes, confidence, relationships, health and walk with God.

So if you want to enjoy the peace of mind that Jesus intended for you to have, come to this free, four part Peace of Mind Intensive.

Don’t stay stuck! Click here to complete the registration form and we’ll send you all the information you need to attend.

The Peace of Mind Intensive

Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind is the step-by-step guide to taking back control of your internal world, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Through weekly 15-minute instructional videos, 30-minute monthly live Q+A’s with Dr. Mullen and Kathy Mullen, an online community forum and 24-hour access to our entire video library, you can work at your own speed from anywhere in the world to begin the life-changing transformation you’ve been looking for.
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