Should we fear the new COVID variants?

Dr. Grant MullenLive fearlessly 15 Comments

COVID is mutating

Will the vaccines work?
We thought we were soon done with the whole pandemic thing.
Now there’s something new to worry about and avoid.
How can we handle this new source of uncertainty and fear?
Watch the video and get a different perspective.

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Comments 15

  1. Just to add an “amen” to your very helpful (and essential) word this morning: one of our intercessors said recently: Just like with Jesus coming to his disciples, each WAVE becomes the pavement under His feet and brings Him right to us!”. I like that. Thank you for continuing to give us the life-releasing perspective…and instruction!

  2. Could you please explain your research that show’s the vaccine is safe what are your resources? I would like to check your sources. Yes Jesus is our only hope.

    1. Post

      Health Canada and the Centre for Disease Control have reported very few adverse reactions and no more than with the flu vaccine. It has now been given to many thousands of people so we have a pretty wide population sample. Hope that helps.

      1. Why would we not take natural products like vitamin D, zinc etc. that kill viruses to in-hanse our God given immune system Verses a vaccine? Just wondering your view on that.

        1. Post

          Sure you can take those things, but they haven’t been proven to protect from COVID. Only the vaccines have been proven to do that. The vaccines enhance our God given immune systems to target the virus.

    2. Statistics Canada shows that most Canadians found false information about the Covid-19 pandemic online — and many of them believed and shared that information.
      The national statistical agency published a study examining the flood of online information about the pandemic.
      “The Covid-19 pandemic was accompanied by an infodemic — an overabundance of information, some which is true and some which is not, which made it very difficult for people to find facts and reliable sources,” the study said.
      The research, which was carried out in July 2020, found that 90% of Canadians used online sources to find information about the pandemic, and 96% of them saw information that they suspected was “misleading, false or inaccurate.”
      Yet, only 21% reported that they always double-checked the information they found online, and 37% said they often double-checked.
      StatsCan’s research also found that 40% reported that they believed information that they later realized was false.
      Additionally, the research found that 53% shared Covid-19 information they found online without knowing if it was accurate.
      Older Canadians (aged 55 and over) were less likely to try to verify information they found online, and they were also more likely to share information without verifying it, the study said.

      Source: Advisor’s Edge

  3. I’m super grateful for what you’ve said here. It is encouraging. In the midst of soooo much controversy and way too much information and misinformation, I’m thankful to find your teaching a refuge. On a zoom prayer meeting last night, I had to pan out and position myself with Jesus, as the other two women ranted on about their sisters (who are both health care workers, a doctor in Vancouver and a nurse) and their radically differing views of the reality of the pandemic. It was not easy to sit through, but the more I realized I wasn’t alone as the third party, I was able to both pray as they shared, and to offer relatively few words attempting to point them to the bigger picture, beyond who is right and wrong. It’s a challenging time to be a human, to be a Christian human. More than fear of the coronavirus and its new variants, is the tension within the church as to how to be faith-ful but also wise and responsible. Thanks so much!

    1. My last statement isn’t to suggest there should be no ‘fear’ of the spread of an illness, just that for me what causes at least as much anxiety, is the antagonism amongst people.

    2. Post

      Yes Margo, it astounds me how controversial this subject is among Christians. It has become a political issue imported from elsewhere.

      1. Gosh I would love to unpack that a bit more with you, as I seek to understand more what is going on in the church. Do you have a blog post or something I could listen to?

        1. Post

          No. It’s too controversial and it gets Christians surprisingly upset as they take sides. Astonishing really. This issue is tied to several imported political issues that has shattered church unity and its reputation internationally. I just don’t want to attract all the hate mail. Endorsing masks and the vaccine (and meds for depression) gets me into enough hot water.

          1. I can only imagine Grant how true what you’ve said is!! I honour your boundary and the last thing I would want is for you to be subject to hate mail or any more hot water than you might already find yourself in. I want to bless you ~ that your everyday ministry in all of your conversations with individuals and the greater community online ~ would bear the fruit of love and that vital Christ-like co-existence of Grace and Truth. Full of Grace and Truth! Thank you!!

  4. I Trust you Dr Grant Mullen
    Will join your program again soon.
    I’m going to get the Vaccine
    To target the Virus.

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