What do you do when you are filled with fear?

Dr. Grant MullenLive fearlessly 6 Comments

When you are filled with fear, you are under attack!

Your thoughts are being invaded by a foreign enemy.

The attacker wants to steal your hope and erode your trust in God.

But you no longer have to be victimized by these attacks.

You can fight back using supernatural weapons not of this world.

Click on the video and arm yourself for battle!

Now I want to hear from you

How do you overcome fear?  Just leave your testimony in the box below. It will encourage someone.

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Comments 6

  1. I remember in 2014 I called you (Dr. Mullen) regarding the fear I was having about waking up during a surgery I would have to have done, You taught me how to recognize that it was a demonic spirit that was harassing me. I was completely delivered from that thought and it never ever bothered me again. I am so thankful for your ministry and although I have not yet had the privilege to have met Kathy too, I wanted to thank you, to let others know, that your deliverance ministry is REAL. It is powerful it is EFFECTIVE and does heal. God Bless you both.

  2. At a time when I was suffering from untreated clinical depression I would frequently come under demonic attack when I go to sleep. I would feel their evil presence and be terrorized in my dreams. As I addressed the depression medically and began playing worship music while I slept, invoking God’s personal presence, the night terrors have ceased…. ?

  3. I often use worship music to deal with anxiety. It is included in the Armor of Ephesians 6, the mantle of praise. Also, It’s been very powerful for me to recognize that when I camp with the enemy and his thoughts, allowing them to overwhelm me, I am actually putting my trust in fear, and the messages that Satan and his use of anxiety can produce. The Holy Spirit helped me to announce to the enemy and to my soul (psalm 42) that “I will no longer put my trust in fear; I put my trust instead on Jesus and his finished work on the cross”. This has helped me immensely to realize what I was doing, and to make a choice to shift my focus and my trust to God.

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